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Haar Jeet Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Haar Jeet is a Hindi language television drama aired on NDTV IMAGINE TV on 3rd October 2011 and ended on 12th April 2012. The story revolves around two girls Ishita (acted by Radhika Reddy Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... ) and Mihika (acted by Rashita Sardesai), who became the source of income for their parents. During this endeavor of accumulating money and fame, they lost their childhood and their work become nightmares for them.

The story revolves around two cousin sisters Ishita and Mihika. Ishita is a young famous television actress and resides in Mumbai, whereas Mihika lives a normal and miserable life in a town called Saharanpur, but she is very fond of dancing. Even, she wins a dance competition in her school. Mihika’s father gets caught in a scandal and decides to shift to Mumbai. Mihika is dejected and sad because she has to leave her friends behind. In Mumbai, Mihika also gets involved in acting industry and accumulates lot fame in a dancing competition. Suddenly, Mishap occurrs in their life. Ishita's father, Mihika's father and mother and her bua die in a car accident leaving behind Dadi, Ishita's mother, Ishita, and Mihika. Ishita loves a guy named Sahil (acted by Vidya Sinha) who is in love with Mihika, and he is Mihika’s fiance. Ishita started to plot conspiracy against Mihika. Mihika marries Sahil and Ishita realizes it was her mistake, and she falls in love again with another guy named Harshvardhan who is Sahil's cousin.
Everything ends well with Mihika and Sahil having a baby boy; Yashvardhan lovingly calls him as Yash. Ishita and Harshvardhan have a baby girl named Anushka after a leap of ten years and a family photo-case is hung on the designed wall which has Sahil, Mihika and their son Yashvardhan, Ishita, Harshvardhan and their daughter & son Anushka & Kabir respectively. The younger daughter of Mihika named Anika becomes a famous and successful actress, but Ishita didn’t want either son Kabir or daughter Anushkha to enter in the acting industry. Anika and Shanaya share a good bond with each other. In the end, Shanaya and Anika sit together and narrating a story about “Haar Jeet”.

(3rd October 2011 – 12th April 2012)


Aashish Chaudhary Hindi Model
DOB: 21 July 1978
Aashish Chaudhary
Jaya Binju Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 15 May 1988
Jaya Binju
Kanika Maheshwari Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 24 April 1981
Kanika Maheshwari