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Ek Hasina Thi is an Indian TV series from STAR Plus which was aired on April 14, 2014. Cinevistaas Limited produced the suspense thriller serial. Ek Hasina Thi is a journey of Durga Thakur (played by Sanjeeda Sheikh Known for her role as the revenge seeking woman, D >> Read More... ), who became an agent seeking justice for the person with a mental health condition, Payal Mitra (played by Teena Chopra Teena Chopra is a popular, young and upcoming actr >> Read More... ). She is rich, heroic, and motivated, but on the other side, she is also strong, influential, and manipulative. If she is doing right, Durga doesn't care about anyone. Yet, Durga remains considers certain things out of humanity. Her battle was never easy as she faced the powerful and dominant Goenka family, Durga's great contender. Shaurya Goenka (played by Vatsal Seth) is a bratty, greedy, arrogant, and womanizing guy from the Goenkas. He is not used to hearing the word "No." He knows that he can do anything with money and influence. For a small bet, Shaurya wants Durga. His parents, Sakshi (played by Simone Singh Simone Singh is the face of Indian Television. She >> Read More... ) and Rajnath (played by Ayub Khan Ayub Khan is a famous Indian Film and TV actor who >> Read More... ) Goenka, stayed and supported Shaurya in everything. 

The story uncovered that Shaurya and his friends raped Payal a few years ago. His parents had done everything to save him. They killed Nitya Mitra (played by Aditi Sajwan Aditi Sajwan is an Indian TV actress who was intro >> Read More... ), sister of Payal, and forced Payal's parents to kill themselves. Then, it was later revealed that Nitya was still alive when Durga's father, Dayal Thakur (played by Ajay Sahu AP Korba), saved her. She had Plastic Surgery.

Eventually, it was uncovered that Durga is Nitya who sought vengeance for her sister. Dayal uses the face of his dead daughter and gives it to Nitya. Durga may look very powerful, but inside, she has lots of burdens and pains, which became a problem on her revenge.

Durga faced difficulties, as she was romantically involved with Dev Goenka (played by Bhuvnesh Mann Bhuvnesh Mann was born on 3rd January 1988 in Jamm >> Read More... ). Dev is a counterpart of Shaurya. Before moving to America, he was Nitya's best friend, and he was in love with Nitya. When he returns to find out what happened, Dev and Durga's paths cross. Problems arise for Durga's plan to revenge and for Shaurya's bet.

Jyoti Gaube appeared in the show as Suchitra Goenka, Poonam Preet A typically Punjabi girl, Poonam Preet loves food >> Read More... as Kangana Goenka, and Mihir Mishra Mihir Mishra is an Indian television actor who sho >> Read More... as Akash.


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