This movie ventures into a new genre: horror-comedy and it s a very fresh start. The elements of horror and comedy gel pretty well to make a pretty entertaining

Yaamirukka Bayamey Movie Review

Yaamirukka Bayamey Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Yaamirukka Bayamey"
Runtime: 2 Hours 09 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-05-2014
3 / 5.0

This movie ventures into a new genre: horror-comedy and it’s a very fresh start. The elements of horror and comedy gel pretty well to make a pretty entertaining flick. The movie doesn’t depend on many visual effects and focusses on basics, which the recently successful Hollywood movies have done ( The Conjuring Click to look into! >> Read More... The Conjuring series).

Plot: This movie features a con man named Kiran (Krishna) who inherits a mansion on a hill station bequeathed upon him by his long-lost father. Kiran and his girlfriend Smitha (Rupa Manjari) decide to build it into a guest house as it was his father’s last wish and they could earn honestly putting their life of con behind them. The mansion’s two caretakers Sharath (Karunakaran) and his sister Sharanya (Oviya) also assist them. Together they make the dilapidated old mansion into a gorgeous guest house.

Things are great when the first guests arrive, but it gets awry when they are found dead the next day in mysterious circumstances. The cast, fearing an arrest by the police, buries their body in a makeshift graveyard at the back of the mansion. And this turns from bad to worse when the same thing happens to most of the guests. In search of answers, Kiran starts to solve this mystery and comes to the conclusion: there is a supernatural power behind all this. How will things turn out? Can they get out of the house in time?

Analysis: This movie is expected to start a new genre in the Tamil film industry, and we must say it sets a very strong precedent for others to follow. The film starts pretty slowly, though, but when it takes off, it’s a fun ride to experience. The background score is quite brilliant, which is superb considering this is S N Prasad’s debut. Cinematography (Rammy) is also impressive. The star of the technical team is the editor Sreekar Prasad Akkineni Sreekar Prasad popular as Sreekar Prasad, >> Read More... Sreekar Prasad ; he has kept the mix between comedy and horror pretty well. Performances by the actors are also decent, especially Karunakaran, who is brilliant with his comic timing. The movie has been rightly given a UA certification as the film is full of adult jokes and some gory scenes as well.

Star Performances: Deekay’s direction is magnificent taking into account this is a one of a kind movie in the Tamil film industry. Krishna has the most screen time, and he has done justice to this, Oviya plays the role of a bimbo to perfection, while Karunakaran is responsible for many rib-tickling moments. Karunakaran’s reaction when the movie moves from comedy to horror or vice versa is amazing. Editing is very powerful, and in a film like this where one has to switch between horror to comedy in a matter of seconds, it is a must.

What’s there?

• A fantastic mix of comedy and horror.

• Fantastic editing and background score.

• Superb performance by Karunakaran.

• Cinematography is also pretty robust. 

What’s not there?

• A slow start to the movie.

• The beginning twenty minutes doesn’t lend much to the otherwise direct storyline.

• Sometimes comedy cuts through horror when it should be the other way round.

• While the background is good, the music in some other songs is pretty ordinary.

Verdict: It’s a fun movie with a lot of entertainment, if you are looking for a new genre to sink your teeth into this is worth taking a risk.