This is a refreshingly new type of a horror thriller movie as this is a Mysskin flick Technically the movie is great regarding cinematography screenplay and

Pisasu Movie Review

Pisasu Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Pisasu"
Runtime: 1 Hour 54 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-12-2014
Genre: Horror, Thriller
3.5 / 5.0

This is a refreshingly new type of a horror thriller movie as this is a Mysskin flick. Technically the movie is great regarding cinematography, screenplay, and music. The film delivers in all the departments. It does not have any big shot names, but the actors have performed for Mysskin. 

Plot: The film starts with an accident of a girl, the onlookers take her to the nearby hospital, this includes Siddharth (Naga). But the girl dies in the hospital holding Naga’s hand. He is traumatized for some days, and as the week wears on, strange things begin to happen, and he is convinced that a ghost is haunting him. He calls the local Ghostbusters to exterminate the ghost from his life. But what does this ghost want? Will Naga be able to solve this mystery? This is the meat of this film.

Analysis: This movie is unlike any other horror movies; this is partly because of its strong technicals. The cinematography done by Ravi Roy is different and brilliant, one of the shots is taken from forty feet from the ground and is just stupendous, the camera captures each & every intention of the director. Music (handled by Arrol Corelli), which plays a huge role in movies like this, is also top notch, the background scores tingle your senses when you are expecting something big.

Mysskin’s direction adds some panache to this film, which is sometimes predictable. The performances are also good; Naga is particularly brilliant and considering he has the most screen time, it is also very impactful. Radha Ravi has a short but powerful role in this movie which he has done with aplomb. The movie is not too long (114 minutes), but the second half narrates most of the story, which makes the first half too slow when considering this is a horror film.

Star Performances: Ravi Roy (cinematographer), Mysskin (Director) and Arrol Corelli (Music) are the real stars of the film. Performances by the actors are also very sound, Prayaga (who plays the ghost) has a little role, but the makeup artists have a tremendous job with her cosmetics. Background scores which are as important as the visuals are superb; Arrol has done a stupendous job with it. Mysskin’s odd camera angle is distinguished, but it takes some time of getting used.

What’s there?

• Spine-tingling music.

• Direction is brilliant; this movie is a Mysskin special.

• Cinematography Ravi Roy does a fabulous job of keeping up with such an energetic director.

• Powerful performances by all the actors.

What’s not there?

• The film has a predictable storyline.

• Some scenes are similar to that from the Hollywood movie ‘Paranormal Activity.'

• Room for some more scares.

• Not so impactful first half.

Verdict: This movie is unquestionably watchable, just to check out Mysskin’s unique direction and the film’s cinematography. Storywise the movie is a bit predictable, but if you are looking for something new in horror, you must try this out.