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OG Dass

OG Dass is a man known for quirky music and equally quirky choices in naming his albums is one unusually lively man! He is known to be the funny man of the movie crew who if around will not let you feel morose even for a second. His friends who lovingly call him OG say that OG has been the same since childhood and has never let even a bit of the stardom to go to his head. OG’s recent album Scooter Vandi is an example of his quirky music and innate sense of humour. OG is not new to the entertainment scenario and has been part of multiple movies as a lyricist. OG, his friends say used to compose really funny songs since he was a small kid. As a school goer, he used to make these really funny renditions of the popular songs that left people in splits. Because of this talent of his, OG was a popular choice for stage performances in the school. A man who exhibits enormous confidence, OG says that he is no different when it comes to his music albums being released. He says that he gets so anxious some times that he goes days without sleeping. The surprising part however is that he never really lets anyone know it because he loves being around people and when he has his company of friends, he simply forgets all the stress. A humble man of humble beginnings, OG says that there was time when he had to struggle a lot to carve a niche for himself. He adds that the struggle is still not over and as long as he is in the industry, it will never be because with such an active inflow of young and diverse talent, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to stay relevant in the industry. OG says that he is living his mother’s dreams who was a talented singer herself and wanted him to pursue a career in the same domain. Having not come from a wealthy background, OG says that he had to struggle but his mother made sure that he never had to give up on music. No matter, how much extra work hours it required, his mother used to put in those to ensure that OG kept up with his passion. The result of the same has borne fruits not just for OG but also for the listeners who love the music that he makes. We wish OG Dass all the best for his future endeavours!

OG Dass Tamil Actor