For young Tamil actress Anaswara Kumar, it was almost a dream entry to films.Having completed her schooling, she had been to see an earlier publicised Chennai Super Kings fan video shoot where one of the crew members proposed to her a second lead role in an upcoming sports based film. She did not at first believe this but after speaking to her parents she could convince them to allow her to just try once, and then get back to studies if it did not work out well. After initial hesitation they agreed. Luck was with her and she was chosen out of 40 girls, to play that supporting role in the sports thriller “ Vallinam Click to look into! >> Read More... Vallinam ” released in 2014. It, however, did not happen to be her first release, since in the meanwhile she also had an offer for a lead role in a romantic comedy, entitled “Ego” which got released earlier in 2013, and was full of newcomers on the cast. Unfortunately her first released film did not do well in the box office. Her real break came in the film “ Yaamirukka Bayamey Click to look into! >> Read More... Yaamirukka Bayamey ” released in the same year. It was one of those black comedies dealing with ghosts, and she did her role including developing her eerie looks exactly as her director had conceived. With the commercial success of this film, she started receiving numerous offers, including one for a remake of the film in Kannada in the same year, titled “ Namo Boothatma Click to look into! >> Read More... Namo Boothatma ”.Anaswara’s luck was holding and the Kannada version also was a commercial success. Although she had entered into stardom barely two years back in 2013, and is yet to boast of a long list of films, still, her career story provides for interesting reading, and worth recounting. It was that role in “Yaamirukka Bayamey” that changed her life, and was grateful to both the director and producer of the film, both of whom were very supportive of her efforts. She confessed that she really had to work hard to get that ideal ghostly look – looking scary at the same time not losing any of her innocence. For Anaswara, the young Malayali girl born and brought up in Chennai, her establishing herself in the Tamil film industry was a real transformation and one which would encourage her further in her seemingly promising career.
Anandhi Tamil Actress


For one as young as Anandhi, she has already proved her mettle as a fine actress right from her very first film in Telugu. While she has gone on to act in several films after that, including those in Tamil, discerning moviegoers always try to co-relate with her acting in her debut film.“Bus Stop” was shot in 2012, when she was 19, and it did not come to her in any conscious way since Anandhi's entry into movies was not pre-planned. It came to her because of a sudden opportunity, when she was participating in a dance competition. She caught the attention of the Telugu film director who could immediately spot her potential and decided to cast her in “Bus Stop”, which proved to be a huge success. It had a mature theme and her handling of it won her acclaim for her performance of Seema, a loose natured fun loving girl. The remarkable aspect of it was that she was cast alongside veterans like Prince and Kanna as well as another newcomer like her, Sri Divya, but she seemed to have hogged the limelight in this debut film of hers. Although she immediately received a handful of offers for upcoming Telugu films, the next lot of films did not fare well in the box office, making her consider her options in the Tamil film industry, signing up for “Poriyaalan”.Her performance in this her very first Tamil film, was well received, with the film itself being a moderate commercial success. Her next venture in Tamil was for Prabhu Solomon's directorial venture “Kayal”, in which she plays the role of Kayal. Something else happened in her career with this film. Instead of her original name Rakshita which she had been using so far, Prabhu decided to give her the name Anandhi for this film, and that is the name which has made her more famous across the Tamil and Telugu film industry. In her brief film career, she has so far appeared in about 11 films a majority of which have been in Tamil, and she will soon appear in “ChandiVeeran” with Atharvaa, and “Trisha Illana Nayantara” with G.V. Prakash Kumar.


Andrea Jeremiah

It is sometimes fascinating to read about how film stars, especially in the South, get into the industry from totally diverse fields, and with no conscious intentions to be in movies. Andrea Jeremiah’s career seems to fit into this category. Her childhood ambition was to go for higher studies and get to become a psychiatrist. But music was always in the background, as she started learning classical Western piano when she was just eight, and she quickly showed her prowess when she formed her own troupe called Young Stars which also was a precursor for her later singing and music composing career. However, entry into acting came to her via the theatre route, as it was hard to refuse offers from Girish Karnad, in whose “Nagamandala” she performed first, and then went on to perform all over the country, during which period both her singing and acting talents were getting appreciated. This prompted Gautham Menon to request her to play the female lead in his then-upcoming film “Pachaikili Muthucharam” just after she had completed a playback singing assignment in his film “Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu”. After a string of Tamil films in 2010 and 2011, she made her debut in Malayalam movies with the romantic film “Annayum Rasoolum”, rating this film as the best in her career so far. She also played a cameo in Kamal Haasan's “Vishwaroopam”. She has also finished other roles in which she appears in the diverse roles of a journalist; model and housewife. She has also been cast alongside the famous Mohanlal in “Loham”, her third Malayalam film, and the first with Mohanlal. Andrea had always confessed that she chose to be a professional singer and that acting came to her by chance. Starting from 2005, she has by now sung several hit film songs for most of the popular composers and had also been tipped for Filmfare and Vijay Awards. In her own opinion the song "Maalai Neram" has been the song that has given her maximum satisfaction. She has also composed, wrote and sung herself, a single, titled "Soul of Taramani", as the signature tune for her Tamil romantic-drama “Taramani”. Likewise, she has composed several music themes, songs and albums, many of which have been widely appreciated.

Andrea Jeremiah Tamil Actress