Birthday: 01-01-1989
Age: 30
Star sign: Aquarius

Born as the grandson of the great poet Kannadasan also known as “Kaviarasar”, Aadhav Kannadasan is an actor in the Tamil film industry. Before becoming an actor, Aadhav worked as an assistant director under GNR Kumaravelan.

Gradually he came out with his debut in the movie “ Ponmaalai Pozhudhu”, a Tamil movie which features Gayathrie as his opposite. Directed by AC Durai, the movie was supposedly inspired from a real-life incident.

Aadhav acted like a school boy and lost around 12 kgs for the role. Durai’s extreme talent to narrate good love stories brought the movie mixed reviews and the role of Aadhav’s parents were claimed to be the best in the film.

Aadhav was next spotted in the movie Yaamirukka Bayamey as Young Thamizh, directed by Deekay. Though his grandfather was a poet, Aadhav aims to be a director in days to come.

Besant Nagar Ravi Tamil Actor

Besant Nagar Ravi

Besant Nagar Ravi is known for his negative performances in movies in South Indian film Industry. He was initially a stunt man before he turned into an actor in movies. Ravi was always into fights and action. He is a trained boxer and martial artist.One fine day, there was shooting that was taking place near his house in Besant Nagar which fascinated to such an extent that he decided to enter into the film industry using his capabilities and training in action and, therefore, leave his mark in films. It was because of his undying faith in himself and a wild passion for this inclination of his, he started taking Pandian training in fighting from a master. He made his debut appearance in a film called Lucky Man, but he gained his share of fame and success only after doing a film named Madhulavan.Ravi is extremely talented and has approximately 170 films to his name which don’t limit itself to just one language but are in all the south Indian languages. He has been in headlines for his stunts that he does for movies which are more often than not extremely fatal and death defying. He does stunts that can make you hold your breath or can make you question the entire law of gravity as a whole. He, however, says that the safety measures that were taken in his initial days weren’t as good as they are now which has reduced the risk to a great extent and this makes him feel proud of the progress of his film industry.He also has to his name the record of doing fight sequences in Tamil movies which are believed to be the longest so far. Apart from making his presence known in south Indian movies, he has also been successful and known in Hindi films too because of his role in a remake named Singham. It was a replica of Singam which was a Tamil movie. He also plays a recurring role of Deepika’s ruffian cousin in the movie Chennai Express which had Shah Rukh Khan as one of the leads.



This dynamic personality must be known to all the Kollywood lovers especially because of his excellent acting as Muthu Selvan. It was the name of the character played by him in the movie ‘Kalloori’. In spite of it being his first movie, he had performed excellently and was able to win the hearts of several movie lovers and hence could establish his image in the Kollywood. He was born on 3rd of May in the year 1988 at Dindigul in Tamil Nadu. He is a Tamil actor and has acted in several Tamil movies. He entered into the Kollywood though the blockbuster movie ‘Kalloori’ co-starred with Tamannaah and Hemalatha, directed by Balaji Shakthivel and produced by S.Shankar in the year 2007. His performance was so excelling that he was nominated to the ‘Vijay Award’, which is an award that is given to the actors who had performed well in their movies, as the best debut actor. At the same time, his performance also brought a lot of positive reviews to the movie. With his first movie itself, he was able to add some flavor to his career. His next movie was ‘Valmiki’ co-starring with Meera Nandan and Devika. It was directed by G.Anantha Narayanan and produced by P.Srinivasan and was released in the year 2009. This film brought a lot of negative reviews and so wasn’t able to flourish him further. Later on, he acted in the movie ‘Nandi’ co-starred with Sanusha and directed by Thamizhvannam. This movie was released in the year 2011 with a little publicity, but it passed by the box-office unnoticed. At the same time, he was spotted in the video of A.R.Rahman’s musical blockbuster ‘Semmozhiyaana Thamizh Mozhiyaam’. Gautham Menon was the director of the film and Samantha played the lead female role. He then acted in another movie named ‘Masani’. After a year, he acted in two other movies one of which is ‘Rettai Vaal’ co-starred with Saranya Nag, Kovai Sarala, and Thambi Ramaiah. It was directed by the Desika and was released in the year 2014. The other movie is ‘Kalkandu’ co-starring Dimple Chopade and Rajesh. It was directed by A.M Nandakumar and was released in the same year. His latest release on January 1st,2016 is the movie ‘Azhagu Kutti Chellam’ co-starring Karunas, Suresh and John Vijay and was directed by Charles. His upcoming movies are ‘Karuvaachi’ and ‘Nagarpuram’.

Akhil Tamil Actor