Plot Killadi is a typical masala movie that has Bharath Nila Roja Vincent Asokan Vivekh Cell Murugan and Delhi Ganesh in the main roles The single liner

Killadi Movie Review

Killadi Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Killadi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 12 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 30-01-2015
Genre: Action, Romance
2 / 5.0

Plot: Killadi is a typical masala movie that has Bharath, Nila, Roja, Vincent Asokan, Vivekh, Cell Murugan and Delhi Ganesh in the main roles. The single liner of the Killadi story is the mother of a young girl forces her to marry her maternal uncle, who is a gangster and the hero saves her. Director A. Venkatesh tries to give an action movie with Bharath. Dharani is a college student, who gives a lift in his vehicle to Anjali and drops her in the bus stand. Actually, Anjali is running away from her home to escape from her marriage with her maternal uncle who is a gangster. When Dharani drops Anjali, Anjali’s mother Angayarkanni sees it mistakes that Dharani is Anjali’s lover. In fact, Dharani has not seen Anjali, before.

Director Venkatesh has mixed the sequences from his films like Dum, Ai, Palani and Kutthu. This is a usual story with the expected scenes and there is no thrill in this movie. The viewers could easily guess the next scene and the song and fight sequences. As in his previous movies, this movie also has an arrogant woman and a gangster villain. Comedy scenes are there with Vivekh and Cell Murugan combination which fails to impress the audiences. Bharath should have chosen a good story to make his market steady. He has not made any recent hit. His last hit movie was Kanden Kadhalai. After this movie, Bharath did not have any hit movies that favored the box office. Roja has performed as an arrogant mother. She is trying to take the place of Telangana Shakuntala, who had performed this kind of rough and tough woman. Her role is so weird that she boasts herself as a tycoon and suddenly changes to a lovable lady. Vincent Asokan is the villain here and nothing special in his performance too. Nila, the heroine has the same duty as all the heroines do regularly. Killadi… a mixture of old movies!