Tamil Films That Are Mastered By The Scripts

Tamil Films That Are Mastered By The Scripts Tamil Article

Films are a good form of entertainment. Even those who are not watching films are influenced by it one way or the other. We love the songs in the films, we keep humming them, and relish them perhaps even more than the creator. The creator would have created the number in a short span or in a long span, but we are influenced by it to a great extent.

Some people don’t talk much about films. It may be due to the reason that they feel that the content is not up to the mark. They are so fastidious that a film with good story is their requirement. And when they don’t find that they just don’t get too much involved in films.

There are also films that scored even when there are new faces because the content was good. When such films come after a gap the audiences will love it. So it also depends on the mindset of the audiences who prefer films with a strong story.

But again when we see the flip side of films, I can say that in the process of making commercial films logic goes for a toss. It is understood that sometimes we don’t want to use our brains but in situations when we require the thing to be better explained we are disappointed that they are left abruptly. Sometimes the filmmakers try too hard to convey the message that the core reason for driving the message itself is lost.

In a different note, Kannathil Muthamittal is one film in which the social and familial issues are showcased in a balanced manner What Bombay failed to achieve Kannathil Mutthamittal did. Even Bombay dealt with social issues in the backdrop of familial ties but in the later stage it got lost in the social issues.But Kannathil Muthamittal had its intention strong right from the beginning and dealt with the plight of the adopted girl.

The challenge for the filmmakers is to have clarity in giving films with their proficient vision intact. Because in the real sense, the film world is also undergoing a phase of transformation and the audience will expect more good films from a good film-maker. And prolific nature should also be utilized properly.