Crime could be one of the onerous genres. It is not easy to keep the audience glued to the book when its theme revolves around the murder or death. Pattukkottai Prabakar is one such writer who had nailed the art of writing a thriller or crime novel. He was born in Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India, on July 30, 1958, to Smt. R. Chandra and Shri. V. Radhakrishnan. Prabakar is an alumnus of St. Joseph's College, Trichy. He has done his post-graduation in economics. In 1977, Ananda Vikatan, a daily newspaper of Tamil language, published his first story. Since then, Prabakar has penned more than two hundred and fifty short stories and three hundred books. He has also written the screenplay of several TV series and movies. Translators have translated various works of him into numerous languages.

Naan Avan Illai, Kanavugal Ilavasam, Vanthaan Vendraan, Naan Avan Illai 2, and Muga Manasulu are some of his compositions. Prabakar headed the monthly magazines of Ullasa Oonjal and Ungal Junior for nearly ten long years. He has also assisted few directors and has helped Mr. K. Bhakyaraj in creating the scripts of two of his movies. Prabakar is one of the contributors to the success of Paramapadham, a Doordarshan product of Tamil. His uniqueness is in the fact that some of his novels contain only dialogues without any narration. Yet, the conversations are enough to establish the characters as well as make it a compelling read. No other person had ever ventured in anything like this before, and this move of his solidified his position as a writer. Some private colleges have included some of Prabakar's works in their literature syllabus.

Bharat and Susheela, a detective couple, and Ravi and Marikkozhunthu, people who work for Susheela and Bharat, are his most famous characters. Some P. Hd. students have also written a thesis on him. Filmmakers have adapted several of his novels for small as well as for the silver screen movies. Doordarshan and Sun TV channel had telecasted the serials based on his writings. All of them were a huge success. All his books are available on the internet as e-books. His fans fondly call him the king of crime. Prabakar has written the lyrics of some Tamil songs as well. Most of his stories highlight the issues plaguing the society. Prabakar loves to shop as well watch movies with his friends and family. It gives him immense satisfaction when his work manages to beget a constructive change in the society.

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M Chandrakumar

‘Pom Pom’ says his auto, as he spends his free time with papers and pens. Chandrakumar.M was popularly known to his friends colleagues as an auto driver. He was nicknamed as Auto Chandran by his fellow mates. Unknown to many, he writes novels in his free time, spending his time with the ideas he had in mind. He has put his ideas into a story that lines together to create a novel titled , ‘Lock Up’ which has been evolved into a blockbuster. After the release of the movie, he has been busy mentoring the audience who approach him. Now, he locks himself in a room if he feels like writing something. His writing has turned his life upside down- from a nobody to a celebrity in 2016. The movie was cast in Tamil by Vetrimaran under the name ‘Visaranai’ which received many accolades. The movie had won ‘The Best Feature Film’ award at the 63rd National Film Awards and was much honoured to be premiered at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. In addition to the laurels received, it is now set to make an entry into the ‘89th Academy Awards’ which has been declared as the India’s official entry for Best Foreign Language Film. Mr Chandrakumar is now grateful to Vetrimaran who has brought his story to the people. He almost received 350+ calls from various litterateurs and well-wishers. He states that he is tired of having many followers and answering calls. His head, not being conquered by fame and pride, still drives his auto around his streets and city. He somehow finds time to write more story lines. He has shared his experiences as a youth in the society in this novel, ‘Lock Up.’ The movie was recreated in the same places as he had experienced tortures and pain in his earlier days of life. The movie was based on him along with his friends, who were held captive by the police and tortured. Now he expects an Oscar nomination for this movie since the cast has perfectly brought out and recreated the scenes exactly as they happened. The story describes the influence and power of the rich that can totally destroy the lives of the poor or the middle class. It talks about the ways in which the high end people can escape their crimes through money and power. He had written how mercilessly he was beaten and had to tolerate pain in his early days to make a living.

M Chandrakumar Tamil Actor