Plot: Dharani is the movie with the newcomers directed by Guhan Sambandham. Aari, Kumaravel, Ajay Krishna, Mahanadhi Shankar, Bala Singh, Sandra and Purisai Kan

Dharani Movie Review

Dharani Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Dharani"
Runtime: 2 Hours 27 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 30-01-2015
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Plot: Dharani is the movie with the newcomers directed by Guhan Sambandham. Aari, Kumaravel, , Mahanadhi Shankar Mahanadhi Shankar, formerly known as Shankar, is a >> Read More... Mahanadhi Shankar , Bala Singh Bala Singh is an Indian Tamil actor. He is very fa >> Read More... Bala Singh , Sandra and Purisai Kannappa Sambandam are in the movie cast. Synopsis is three friends who did not get a breakthrough in their life, decides to lead their own path. Where did their paths let them is the story. Sekar, Mahesh and Kathiresan are the close friends. Each of them has different problems and they want to get released out of those personal problems. Sekar has a heavy amount as a loan, which he has to repay it to the lender, who tortures him for immediate payment. Kathiresan has no job and he loses his lover due to this reason and she is going to get married to a well settled guy and Mahesh came to Chennai to become an actor, but he has not succeeded in that. These guys feel that they are unable to meet their ambitions.

At a particular point of time, Mahesh decides to go back to his place. He has an uncle who is a street play specialist. He tries to join in his uncle’s troupe. When Kathiresan approaches for job, there is a real estate man who appoints him as an assistant and induces him to cheat others to come up in the life. Due to the continuous torture of the money lender, Sekar beats him and become a gangster and joins under an MLA. First half of the story is very slow and we could see many people turning around from their seats. Second half is quite okay, when compared with the first half. The film tends to say that to come up high in the life, no one could be honest. Mahesh, who returns to his place and joins with his uncle is living a decent life; whereas two of his friends who stay there became criminals. Mahesh’s role is done by Kumaravel and he did the role perfectly. The other two guys Aari and Ajay Krishna did not shine that much. Totally, Dharani is a movie that has no interesting scenes; but has a social message.