Kayamkulam Kochunni is a period movie scripted by Bobby and Sanjay and directed by Rosshan Andrrews The movie is produced by Gokulam Gopalan The film has the

Kayamkulam Kochunni Movie Review

Kayamkulam Kochunni Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Kayamkulam Kochunni"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 11-10-2018
4 / 5.0



Kayamkulam Kochunni is a period movie scripted by Bobby and Sanjay and directed by Rosshan Andrrews. The movie is produced by Gokulam Gopalan. The film has the star cast of Nivin Pauly, Priya Anand, Priyanka Thimmesh, Sunny Wayne, Babu Antony, Shine Tom Chacko, “ Manikandan R Achari,” Sidhartha Siva, Sunil Sukhada, Sudheer Karamana, MS Bhaskar, Idavela Babu, Jude Anthany Joseph, Sudev Nair and Padmaraj Ratheesh. The film has the extended cameo appearance of the complete actor “ Mohanlal.” The music composition is by Gopi Sundar and the cinematography is by Binod Pradhan, Nirav Shah and Sudheer Palsane. Editing is by Sreekar Prasad.


Kochunni’s father was severely injured after he is caught for robbery. Kochunni is genuine and joined in a shop. Janaki who is attracted by Kochunni suggests him to learn Kalaripayattu, the martial arts. Kochunni learns the martial art from Thangal. He helps the poor and low caste people who had been suffering from the tortures of landlords. It was the time when untouchability was in practice. Kochunni was the hero to those people, but he turned popular after becoming a robber. What happens in between his service to the poor and becoming a robber? Which made him a robber? Watch the movie in theatres!

Star Performance

Nivin Pauly had done his role best as usual. He played an innocent young man and the brave heart. He has shown a lot of variation in his role and the transformation from a soft natured to a robber and ties the people with his best performance. Sunny Wayne, Babu Antony, Priya Anand and the special appearance of Mohanlal adds a great value to the movie and impress audiences.


Rosshan Andrrews has brought a unique script that celebrates a hero, who had lived for the people. The star cast is absolutely wonderful and the stars prove their work with an excellent performance. Mohanlal’s special appearance adds a crown to the movie. Although the Robin Hood kind of stories had been releasing now and then, Kayamkulam Kochunni is different from other movies by its narration and performances. The production and the technical values are good.

What's There?

  • The excellent star cast
  • Stunning performances of the stars
  • Beautiful narration and screenplay
  • Magical BGM by Gopi Sundar

What's Not There?

  • Nothing big as negative


Kayamkulam Kochunni is an excellent performance-oriented movie with a beautiful star cast and the technicians. It’ll be definitely a good watch not only for Nivin Pauly and Mohanlal fans but the general audiences too. Watch the movie in theatres and you will love it for sure!