Sinat Savier has created his vibrant presence in the field of still photography. Savier has been a part of few successful Malayalam movies. Sinat, who hails from Kodakara near Chalakudi had the interest to be with his uncle who runs a photo studio abroad.

So, to get an intense knowledge of photography Savier joined an institute for a year where he learned the technical side. After getting experience from the institute, he worked at Arun's Studio in Ernakulam. Working in the studio, he got acquainted with most of the outstanding photographers working with Malayalam movies. He built a good bond with photographer Jayaprakash and helped him in around 25 shows.

Perumazhakallam was the first Malayalam movie experience for Sinat. He has also worked in films like Hrithayathil Sookshikkan, Pakal, etc. Sinat also got an opportunity to work for an advertising company based in Dubai.

When he returned to Kerala, he again joined Jayaprakash assisting him for movie Agathan. After some time, he got in touch with director Shaji who was very impressed with his style of work. Sinat worked independently on a movie named Oridothoru Postman.

A huge turning point in his life happened when he worked on the most acclaimed Malayalam movie, Traffic. During the pre-release of the movie, Sinat had prepared posters for that film which made him taste the sweetness of success.

Traffic ruled the box office, and for Sinat, this show gave him a break with lots of opportunities in his hands. Recently, Sinat had worked with a Gold company for their advertisement which featured Bollywood superstars Mithun Chakraborty, Akshay Kumar and Tamil superstar Vikram.

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