Plot: Vivah is the story of bonding between two individuals. It is a portrayal of trust and responsibility. The film is about the lives of two families who get

Vivah Movie Review

Vivah Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
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Review for the film " Vivah"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 10-11-2006
Genre: Drama, Family
3 / 5.0

Plot: Vivah is the story of bonding between two individuals. It is a portrayal of trust and responsibility. The film is about the lives of two families who get together when they arrange the marriage of their children. Prem, a wealthy businessman's son is engaged to a shy, simple and middle-class girl Poonam who stays with her uncle and his family. Prem's family instantly agrees to the marriage because Poonam is not only beautiful but also a girl with an excellent character and a pure heart. The couple also hits of instantly.

Most of the film is about the time that the two families spend with one another which deepen their bond. The film also has certain other aspects to it. Poonam's aunt hates her as she is fair and more attractive as compared to her daughter Choti, who is dark, skinned. She never treats Poonam as her own no matter how many efforts she makes. At last, a twist comes in the plot on the day of marriage. The house catches fire. As Choti lies in her room unconscious, Poonam goes to save her. On their way downstairs, she saves Choti and risks her life when a giant burning iron rod falls on her.

What follows is to see whether Poonam is at last saved or not and that the two, at last, get married or not.

Analysis: The story is very simple, and so there is nothing great to offer. It has a lot of parts which are unnecessarily added. Also, the film drags a lot. The direction by Sooraj R. Barjatya is pretty satisfactory. No effort is visible on the part of the director to make the film out of the ordinary. There is a sort of repetition of scenes. The first part is still good to watch with the excitement and all the romance that adds. However, the second part becomes pretty uninteresting. There are overall mixed views about the film.

While it is appreciatable for the simplicity and the honest storyline which is not exaggerated much, it also receives negative marks for dramatizing too much. Another negative factor is that there a lot of songs which are also pretty long. Music by Ravindra Jain Ravindra Jain was an Indian lyricist and music dir >> Read More... Ravindra Jain is satisfactory though it is annoying at times when there is a song after every few minutes. It sort of disinterests the viewers. Cinematography by Harish Joshi Harish C Joshi, aka Harish Joshi, is a beacon of f >> Read More... Harish Joshi is pretty acceptable with its simplicity. The execution, in general, is pretty dull to attract attention. The script is also not great but rather satisfactory. It has a predictable ending but then it also could not be better than what it is.

Star Performances: Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor also identifies as the name Shahid K >> Read More... Shahid Kapoor plays Prem while Amrita Rao Amrita Rao was born on June 7, 1981 in Mumbai, Mah >> Read More... Amrita Rao plays Poonam. Individually, the performance is pretty satisfactory. Shahid easily puts up the role of the initially shy but later chirpy character of Prem well. Amrita is also good as Poonam. She successfully does the role of the shy and well behaved and responsible girl. Alok Nath Alok Nath is an Indian television and Bollywood fi >> Read More... Alok Nath as the uncle Krishnakant is very much suitable for the role of a caring middle-class man who knows his duties. Anupam Kher Anupam Kher is a very popular actor, director, and >> Read More... Anupam Kher as Harishchandra is also illustrious.

Other members of the cast include as Rama, as Sunil, Lata Sabharwal Lata Sabharwal is a famous Bollywood actress and a >> Read More... Lata Sabharwal as Bhavna, and Amrita Prakash Amrita Prakash is Indian Model and Actress. She ha >> Read More... Amrita Prakash as Chhoti. The performance, in general, is good. However, at certain parts, there seems to be an exaggeration of emotions.

What’s there? The film is pretty simple and made very genuinely. The story is effortless. It also works well for a most of the audience.

What’s not there? The film has nothing great to offer. The story is simple but not attention-grabbing. It is also pretty predictable. The film is also dull to watch. There is nothing that interests the viewers much. The film drags in a lot of places, and there is an exaggeration of emotions paired with a lot of over-acting.

Verdict: Vivah is good for a watch. With its simple story, it attracts the viewers. It drags at some parts and tends to bore the audience at parts, but it still works pretty well.