Anita Wahi has been in the film industry since 2000. She got to act in supporting role in the film industry. Most of the films that she has acted so far have been a phenomenon hit. In the year 2006, she acted in two films such as ' Vivah' and ' Woh Lamhe'. Vivah was Sooraj R. Barjatya's film in which Amrita Rao and Shahid Kapoor were in the lead roles. In Vivah, she shared some screen presence with Shahid Kapoor and got noticed. Earlier, she acted in Amol Palekar’s film ‘Paheli’.

In this film, she played Rani Mukherjee’s mother and shared her screen presence with Rani, Shah Rukh Khan, and even Juhi Chawla. Anita had a very brief role in the film, but she got critical acclaim for her performance in films like ‘Paheli’ and ‘Vivah’. In the year 2007, she got to play an advocate role in the film ‘It’s Breaking News’. In 2011, she was again noticed in a small role in a film ‘Yeh Dooriyan.' The film flopped at the box office and even received a poor rating from critics even.

Anita Wahi was a true mix of glamour and sensitive portrayal. But as luck did not shine on this actress, her career took a back seat. However, it is a good sign of any actress to share screen presence with Shah Rukh Khan and this actress has achieved this in her brief career.

Anaida Hindi Actress


A Eurasian by birth, Anaida is of Greek and Persian descent. She is a double graduate, an accomplished painter, a gifted dancer and a talented pop and playback singer. She is also a noted performer, actor, writer/poet, director and producer. She is a multi-linguist and has earned her name in advertising conceptualizer and creative exponent of the fine arts as well. Her first step in the entertainment industry was, when she won the Indian Dance Championship. She had taken part in numerous acting and choreographic competitions. Later, she got the job of a radio jockey and became the first ever FM radio jockey in India. She appeared the first time as a child artist in the movie, ‘Tum Karo Vaada’, which was released in 1993. She did the role of ‘Raadhika’ in this romantic movie. During 1995, she released her first single, ‘Hotline’, at the age of 16 only, which was quite a success and made her a pop star. The success of ‘Hotline’, encouraged her and she came out with her next album, titled ‘Love Today Nahi Asaan’, which became the highest selling debut album. It was the first pop album which was choreographed by renowned choreographer Saroj Khan. The song, ‘Dil Le Ley’ in this album, earned Anaida the nomination of the best female vocalist as well. The next single album was ‘Fever’, which was highly appreciated by critics then. She also sang the title track for the Diva Awards titled as ‘Diva’. In 1996, she appeared with her album ‘Nazuk Nazuk’. The album included the sensational hit track ‘Oova Oova’. Her second video ‘Hoo Halla Hoo’ is credited to be the first animated video to be ever produced in India. It is quite interesting to know that the famous 'Hakuna Matata’ has been sung by her and Baba Sehgal, for Walt Disney's 'The Lion King' (Hindi version). In 1997, she sang a song, titled ‘Anaida’ along with the established pianist and composer ‘Stefanos Korkolis’ for his album. The song was sung in Hindi as well as in Greek. The song later, became the part of the album, ‘The Greatest Hits of Anaida’. In 1997 itself, Anaida crooned a song titled, ‘Quest’, which was in English, for a comedy Bollywood movie, ‘Bombay Boys (released in Sep 1998). The year also saw the 50th Independence Day of our nation, when Anaida caroled her another track, ‘Hum Sab Ek Hain’. In 1999, she came with her album ‘Chori Chori’, comprising traditional folk music. The album was much appreciated. She has also sung for many south Indian movies. Her other hit tracks, include, ‘Mailu Mailu’ (from Arabic album, ‘O Malu Malu’), ‘Oonchi Neechi’, ‘Kaachi Kali’ and ‘Diwani Diwani’. This highly talented performer has sung in around 11 different languages including national and international languages so far. She is known for her fusion style incorporating Persian, Middle Eastern, Southern European, and Indian styles of music. She has also participated in a reality show, ‘Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao’, which was aired from July 2009 to Sep 2009 on Sony TV. Her last Hindi album was ‘Nayaa’ which came in 2006.


Ayesha Raza

Ayesha Raza developed a natural inclination for the theater since it was and continues to be an intrinsic part of her life. Her two grand-aunts, the famous and talented nonagenarian, Zohra Sehgal and Uzra Butt have left their mark on the theater. Both these actors, now celebrities in their own right were closely associated with Prithvi theatre. Ayesha’s mother started her acting career with the theater group ‘Yatrik’ in Delhi in 1950 and continues to act to date. Having been predisposed to the stage, Ayesha thus went on to do her theater training from the ‘Dramatic Art and Design Academy’ in New Delhi under the guidance of Amal and Nissar Allana. Her first professional performance was a theater piece which drew from the genre of the physical theater called ‘The Mahabharata Project’, it was directed by Zuleikha Chaudri and was specially conceived for the Prague Quadrennial 2003. It later traveled to many national and international theatre festivals. Once in Mumbai, Ayesha began to work with the Industrial Theater Company. She has acted in ‘Clogged Arteries’ directed by Pushan Kriplani, in Ursula, Blackbird, All The World’s A Share A Cab directed by, ‘Rehaan Engineer’ and in Fireface directed by ‘Pushan Kriplani’ and Arghya Lahiri. Besides being an actor with the company, she has also overseen various aspects of the productions. Ayesha is also a voice artiste and comes across as a sincere actor. Her performances in All The World’s A Share A Cab and in Fireface have indeed been good. And although she has only worked in English theater till now, she is looking forward to being involved with Hindi and Urdu theater as well. Directors would do well to pay attention to this beautiful and committed young actor! Sony TV's Yudh directed by Anurag Kashyap reveals the main protagonist Amitabh Bachchan as Yudhisthir. His two wives in the show are played by Actresses Sarika and Ayesha Raza. Ayesha Raza portrays the protagonists’ second wife Nayantara “Nayan” Sikarwar. Sadly, the serial did not get the success expected and was stopped. According to Anurag Kashyap, the two reasons for the failure of this serial, in spite of the legend Amitabh Bachchan are the ads breaking the rhythm of the story and the viewers refusing to accept Amitabh as a frail personality. Ayesha Raza is an actress who has acted in Dhoom (2004) as a TV Reporter, in Mumbai Meri Jaan (2008) as Sejal Agarwal, in Raghu Romeo (2003) as News Reader and Thanks Maa (2009).

Ayesha Raza Hindi Actress