Yusuf Hussain is an Indian Actor who played his role in various Cinema movies and Television shows. He was born on 21st January in Punjab now in Pakistan in the family of Religion Muslims. Yusuf Hussain did his schooling from DAV School Punjab (Pakistan. He is very intelligent and talented boy from his childhood. He is very spiritual type of person as they go to Mosques every day in the Morning and they belive that this is the only reason behind their success. He is very serious in his life. He had a dream of his career as a Cinema Actor. He was also a good anchor and stager performer in his school time. He did his graduation from Amity School of Drama, India. After that he started his career as an Actor. He is well known for his various movies like Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, Dhoom and Dhoom 2. He played his role in various other movies for which he is very popular in the world like he roled as an Session Court Judge in the movie Ataa Pataa Laapta, he also role as Navin’s father in the movie Fatsoo which was released on 2012, I am Singh as Hasan in which he was the father of Sarra, Gaaffer in the movie Road to Sangham, Roshanlal Sehgal in the very popular movie Kuchh Na Kahoo, he also role as father of Purab in the movie Darana Mana haai and Colonel Banerjee in the movie Escape the Taliban. He was also the film Producer of Superb Adult Movie Raaz3 which was released in the year of 2012. He sacrificed and work hard a lot in his life and that’s the secret that now he is Star of Indian Television.

Yuri Suri Hindi Actor

Yuri Suri

Yuri Suri is an Indian Pilot, Actor, FM Broadcaster, Master of Quizzes, Trainer, Professor and a Motivator who was known for his achievements in the profession of Fighter Pilot and who played his role in various Cinema movies and Television shows. He was born on 22nd August 1950 in the city of Delhi, India. For 20 years of his life he was fighter pilot of Air Force. He was also shortlisted as Indian astronaut in the year of 1992. But in 1992, he left his career as an pilot and started his career as broadcaster of FM Radio. He visited many countries as a Indian guest for their Radio Channels. He also worked as a trainer to teach the young age students about the Art of Speaking and gave them the training related to Art of Radio. He also used to Anchor various FM Radio Stations to hold Quiz and Road Watch show. In the year of 1997 he started conducting lectures, training and workshops in various colleges of India especially in the city of Delhi. He believed that Life skills a winner are his Self Confidence, Spirit to win, Hard work, patience and team work and it is the only difference between a loser and winner. After that, in the year of 2000 he started his career as an Actor of television and Bollywood movie like his role as Jamaal in the movie Kites, Rajkumar Khangar in the movie Jodha Akabar, Pasha in the movie Lamhaa, Paaji in Sharafat Gayii Tel Lenne, and in his best Movie named Aisha in which he played his role as Col. Singh. He struggled and worked a lot in his life and now he has Name and Fame in whole world.