Here is the PLOT of this movie as far as we could analyze Keep watching this space for latest updates Shuddhi is a reincarnation- themed love story of Lord S

Shuddhi Movie Review

Shuddhi Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Shuddhi"
Runtime: TBC
Certificate: TBD
Released: 31-10-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama

Here is the PLOT of this movie as far as we could analyze. Keep watching this space for latest updates.

Shuddhi is a reincarnation- themed love story of Lord Shiva and Sati. Sati since young age adored Shiva’s tales and worshiped him devotedly. As she came of age, she started to fall in love with Shiva despite her family’s abhorrence towards him. She retired to a forest and performed strict penances. Her penances were so rigorous that she stopped consuming food and got lost in a yogic trance. Flattered by her devotion Shiva shows up and asks her to marry him.

Their marriage resulted in both of them experiencing pure bliss and love. But there was a problem. Sati’s father refused to let Sati into the castle and acknowledge her as his daughter. She set on foot to have a talk with him, but her father Daksha openly disgraced Shiva driving Sati mad with anger. She sat down to meditate to burn her body up. On hearing this, an enraged Shiva wrecked havoc at Daksha’s palace and cut his head off. Shiva replaced his head with a goat’s head and went back into mourning for years. Sati would come again years later reincarnated as Parvati and become his bride again.

The movie was shot at Hrishikesh and Mumbai. The producer Karan Johar Karan Johar is one among the top ten celebrities i >> Read More... has selected Varun Dhawan Varun Dhawan, a new comer entered Bollywood with h >> Read More... and Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt is a trendsetting actress from Mumbai, >> Read More... as the lead cast. Karan Malhotra Karan Malhotra, a renowned director in the Indian >> Read More... director of Agneepath is directing Shuddhi, and it is set to release Diwali, 2016.