Karan Malhotra, a renowned director in the Indian Film Industry, Bollywood was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is also a screenwriter and a writer. His excellent direction led to the existence of movies like ‘ Agneepath’ and ‘ Brothers’. He is the son of Ravi Malhotra, and his wife is Ekta Pathak Malhotra.

Before debuting as a director in 2012, he worked as an assistant director for ten straight years which included movies like Jodha Akbar and My Name is Khan. He debuted with the venture, ’Agneepath’ along with Karan Johar and his production house, Dharma Productions. In 2015, the duo returned with ’Brothers’, a story about two brothers who are up against each other fair and square in a tournament of MMA; this only took place after the audience went gaga over their previous venture, “Agneepath”. Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra were the lead actors and Jacqueline Fernandez played the lead actress; Jackie Shroff played the role of Akshay and Sidharth’s father in the movie, “Brother”. The movie was a remake of the 2011 Hollywood movie ’Warrior’ starring Tom Hardy. The movie released on 14th August 2015. Karan Malhotra has been an expert in his remakes.

First, the remake of the film Agneepath, to which the audience responded well and it was appreciated hence Karan came to the limelight. His next venture “Brothers” was also a remake but it won the hearts of many through the story of two brothers out there against each other in the MMA championship. The whole plot of the movie was very clear, both the brothers went against each other to prove their worth to themselves and to their alcoholic father, and by the end both the brothers forget their vengeance against each other and return united with their father to fulfil his dream of seeing both his sons share the same roof.

He won the Zee Cine Award for Special Award Power-Club Box Office for the same movie. The director is planning to adapt “The Immortals of Meluha” by Amish Tripathi and convert it into a movie. However, he already has a venture under his direction i.e. ’Shhuddhi’, which has Varun Dhawan as its lead actor and Alia Bhatt as the lead actress. The screenplay for the movie was the joint work of Karan and his wife. The role for the lead actor and actress had gone to different artists before fate landed it in the hands of Varun and Alia. The movie has completed its shoot and is slated for release this Diwali. High hopes are pinned on the project because of its powerful star cast and the buzz that it has already created before its release.

Abhinav Kashyap Hindi Actor

Abhinav Kashyap

Abhinav Singh Kashyap is an actor, director, and screenwriter. He came into being as an assistant director to Mani Ratnam on the film 'Yuva'. He then wrote the dialogues for 'Manorama Six Feet Under' and '13 B'. The first thing that strikes regarding Abhinav is his similar looks to his brother Anurag. And he says that they’re just about like one another too. Abhinav Kashyap, being the director Anurag Kashyap’s brother comes with its set of benefits and downsides, the latter being a lot of apparent in this case. “People are invariably comparing us and also the movies we direct. To be freed from any comparisons, I deliberately chose to begin my career with a mainstream movie so that I may get a better visibility,” he says. Before getting into the film industry he worked in Indian TV serials. In 2000 he wrote a script of the film ‘Jung.’ His directorial debut 'Dabangg', leading Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha, was the major blockbuster hit of 2010 that he conjointly co-wrote, together with Dilip Shukla. Dabangg released on 10 September 2010 and met with success, receiving an incomparable blockbuster standing. Hailing from the Obra village of the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, Abhinav was born on 6 September, 1974. He did his schooling from The Scindia School of Gwalior and pursued a bachelor’s degree in English from the Hansraj college of Delhi. Talking about his personal life, his better half, Chatura Rao is a writer and the couple resides in Mumbai along with their two daughters. Abhinav has given a lot of hit movies on box office, like : Dabangg (2010 – as a Director), Jung (2000- as a Writer), Osthi (2011- as a Writer), Gabbar Singh (2012- as a writer –Telugu movie),Yuva (2004- as an Actor), Paanch (2003 – as an Actor), Besharam (2013 – as a Director and Writer). He won several laurels and accolades in 2010 for his blockbuster hit “Dabangg” namely- The National Film Award, Stardust Award, Zee Cine Award, IIFA Award, Apsara Award, etc in various categories.


Milind Ukey

Milind Ukey is a director, producer and writer who was born in Maharashtra, India on 5th June. He directed India’s first animated movie, 'Hanuman’ which became very popular among the kids and youngsters. The movie portrayed the life of Lord Hanuman from birth. Hanuman was the eleventh manifestation of God Shiva and was blessed with supernatural powers. Lord Hanuman was a notorious child and once thought the Sun to be a fruit and tried to eat it. He was blessed with immortality, and he was also a devotee of Lord Rama. He helped Lord Rama in the search for his wife Sita and helped him to set her free from the hands of Ravana and then destroyed Ravana’s kingdom of Lanka. In 2010, he released ‘Paathshala’ which did not do well at the box-office but critics appreciated Milind's work.The movie had a powerful star cast including veteran actor, Nana Patekar, Ayesha Takia and Shahid Kapoor; the story is about the Indian education system and the pros and cons it brings to the minds of children and society. The source of inspiration came from the movie, ‘Shalala’ a Marathi flick directed by Ukey. He was a middle-class Maharashtrian boy. He or his family was nowhere related to the film industry, so he had to start his career from scratch. During his childhood he collected celluloid film frames. He even made pin-hole cameras. This showed his passion towards the development and projection of movies. He used to demonstrate shows for his friends using a home-made projector and those celluloid film frames. These made him more inclined towards his passion which he later continued after completing his graduation from VNIT, Nagpur. After his graduation, he passed the entrance exam for the Film and Television Institute of India located in Pune. He completed the course of film-making which took him three years, but he continued to pursue his dreams and ambitions. The short film “THE PIMP” which was his diploma film went on to win selection for the National Award. Milind has directed many Marathi and Hindi movies. He is involved with different ventures as an assistant director, a writer; he has also been a consultant director for many Marathi flicks. He has also written dialogues for the 2005 animated film, “Hanuman”. The upcoming projects of Milind include a 2016 release 18-only Kaydyacha Go where he has written the script for the movie and has also directed it.

Milind Ukey Hindi Actor