Allan Poppleton is a Hollywood Actor, Stunt and Fight Coordinator, and an Assistant Director in parallel. He was born on 14th July 1971 at Auckland, New Zealand. He is popular for his works in the movies like The Chronicles of Narnia in 2010, The Hunger Games in 2009, Avtaar in 2009, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 2010. In 2011, he was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for his stunt coordination in T.V series Spartacus Gods of the Arena. In 2013, he was nominated for his marvelous performance for the Taurus Award. Consecutively for two years, the World Award nominated him for the Taurus Award regarding his best fighting in 2008 for the movie “Prince Caspian,” and in 2009 for the movie “Chronicles of Narnia.” Again in 2010, he got nominated for the Taurus Award again for the coordination of best stunt for the film, “Avtaar” along with the best direction as an assistant director and once again in 2012 in three categories for the movie “ Killer Elite Click to look into! >> Read More... Killer Elite ” such as Best Fighting, Hardest Hitting and High Work.

This Stunt Guild is born and brought up in New Zealand with a zodiac sign, Cancer. He has married to Erika Takacs, who is a singer, actor, and presenter. Allan and Erika have three children to whom they called as Tai, Scarlet, and Maximus. Allan has a passion for Martial Arts from the age of 12. Now his daughter, Scarlet also loves to follow the footpath of her father. She is learning stunt from Allan and also participated with her father in the movie “MEG.” Allan is a passport holder of NZ along with UK and EU. He also has the full access of all the stunt equipment and a Rental Company of Stunt Equipment known as Cunning Stunts LTD. Allan Poppleton has many qualifications in the stunt world. He has a qualification of SGNZ (Stunt Guild of New Zealand).

He has an experience of thenty seven years in Martial Arts. Allan is a 1st-degree holder of Black Belt from Kempo. He has also worked as an instructor in Kempo for thirteen years. Allan is also a 4th degree of Black Belt holder from SLGKF (Siu Lum Gar Kung Fu). He has eight years of Military experience in the T/F Army of New Zealand. This stunt guild has also qualified the powerboating of level 1 and 2 in the coastguard of New Zealand. He has worked as an Abseiling Instructor for the Auckland Climbing School. With all these qualifications, he is also a certified operator of EWP. He has also a driving license of P.W.T. and Bus from the classes of 1 to 5. This Stunt Guild is also a master of a bucket full of capabilities in Stunt area. He is a Master of Sword, a Master of falling, dragging and riding a horse. He is an excellent trainer of the European Oriental weaponry, weapons of Martial Arts, Ratchet/wire/harness work, Air Rams, and High Falls from water, Air Bags, and Box Rigs.

He is excellent in Russian Swing, Rig Design, and Stunt Rigging. Along with all these capabilities, he is also a thorough Gymnast. This actor, fighter, and the stunt trainer have a training of Full and Partial Fire Burns. In a single line, this Stunt Guild is a maestro of all the associated training in the stunt field. As a passion for doubling and rigging Allan has acted as a duplicate in stunt actions for many famous characters. A trainer from SGNZ is capable of taking all the responsibilities of the stunt work from the beginning to the execution. Even he/she, can be contracted as a HOD of stunt coordinator. With this particular qualification Allan Poppleton has worked in more than 80 films and T.V. series as a stunt coordinator, stunt supervisor, and as an actor also. Some of his upcoming feature films are MEG, Rampage, Veeram, and Pork Pie.