Manish Tiwari chose his first movie to be Dil Dosti Etc This film brings out the real life of youth their colleges and more nbsp This movie is all about Fri

Dil Dosti Etc Movie Review

Dil Dosti Etc Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Dil Dosti Etc"
Runtime: 2 Hours 50 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 28-09-2007
Genre: Comedy, Romance
1.5 / 5.0

Manish Tiwari chose his first movie to be Dil Dosti Etc. This film brings out the real life of youth , their colleges and more. This movie is all about Friendship, Sex, Love, Competition and Betrayal. Here, Apurv ( Imaad Shah) is from a wealthy background. Since he is not able to get love from his parents, he finds love in wrong ways by having sexual relationships with other girls.

Imaad has no aim in his life except for "sex". Sanjay Mishra (ShreyasTalpade), from Bihar is a middle class and outdated person. He has specific goals in his life and is determined towards them. Smriti Mishra plays the role of a call girl who babbles about things which are meant to babble about. She has a mindset that she will never get attached to any of her customers. Ishita Sharma is a school girl isn't fulfilling Apurv's desire. Nikita Anand is an aspiring model and greedy to become an international famous model.


Dil Dosti Etc is basically of 2 friends who are college as well as hostel mates. One is from a wealthy family and the other is from a middle class family). Both have different means to live their life and have different wants . Story begins when they both enter in the college in a fresh semester. Sanjay has his goal set in his mind that by any means he has to win the college elections. While the other rich spoilt brat Apurv wants to have sex with the three women i.e.the prostitute Vaishali, the school girl Kintu and the model Prerna who is Sanjay's girlfriend. Now will both boys be able to succeed in their aim?

Star performances: 

  • Imaad Shah is a good actor whose talent has been wasted in this movie.
  • Shreyas Talpade is just fine.
  • Nikita Anand had an opportunity to show her talent but she just could not live up to the expectations.
  • Smriti Mishra depicts the role of sex worker well.
  • Ishita Mishra did not get much role but she is fairly nice.


This film no doubt has a deep and meaningful theme which is disturbing yet true and does not leave any page unturned of what happens in college life. This movie's theme is well but is not executed well.

What’s there?

1. Theme of the movie is very strong.
2. Movie depicts the real and disturbing truth of the life of youth.
3. Movie's direction by Manish Tiwari is very straight forward and to the point.

What’s not there?

1. Repetition of scenes and the pace of the movie is bit slow.
2. Emotions which needed to be there are missing in some scenes. 
3. Music is as off beat as the entire movie.
4. Story could have been made better in the movie.


The movie lacks intensity. Do not waste your time and money on this movie.