Smriti Mishra, a Bollywood actress with an expressive face and ravishing features, fastened the heartbeats of the people in the industry through films like Sardari Begum and Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin. Smriti was not interested in the field of acting but watching actors delighted her. Smriti is a talented dancer as well. She learned Kathak for 16 long years and to her, Dance is her life. She hails from a conservative society in Uttar Pradesh. Smritis father was a learned man and her mother supported her to pursue her dreams. Smriti is said to have been very moody, eccentric and a personality who is not capable of going through the thick and thins of Bollywood industry. Her movies so far :- Sardari Begum (1996); known for the lovemaking scenes, Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin (1996);the whole movie shot at night, Train to Pakistan (1998);apart from the critical acclaim, this movie was nominated for the best film at Cinequest film festival, Jaya Ganga (1998);Smriti’s debut movie, Zubeidaa (2001); Smriti cast as Sardari Begum, One Dollar Curry (2004)-where Smriti was cast as the male lead’s Indian faience, Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow (2005), Dil Dosti Etc Click to look into! >> Read More... (2007);Smriti played a role of a sex worker named Vaishali. Smriti Mishra won many male fans with her sensuality in her music videos and films.

It purports to be that that Smriti has chosen a life of isolation. Smriti is a different personality and does not share the mainstream mindset of a typical Bollywood girl. She was very naive. Smriti reached her goals only through her skills and acting talents. She has never chosen the way of shortcuts and never agreed to be the victim of casting couch. Smriti believes in only entertaining her audiences and no other person. Smriti is both fragile and strong at the same time. She is a self-established woman and has no godfather in the industry. Smriti is bold enough to raise her voice against anything that is not right to her preferences. A presence of a woman like her around in the industry should be celebrated instead people called her a stalker who stalked people for work which according to her, clearly makes no sense. This actress has gone through many ups and downs in the industry as well as personal life, but still she hung on. Today she is far away from the limelight living her life, on her terms.