Anil Senior directed lsquo Dil Kabaddi rsquo with the star cast of the offbeat famous and contemporary actors of our time like Irrfan Khan Soha Ali Khan R

Dil Kabaddi Movie Review

Dil Kabaddi Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Dil Kabaddi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 05-12-2008
Genre: Drama, Comedy
2 / 5.0

Anil Senior directed ‘ Dil Kabaddi’ with the star cast of the offbeat, famous and contemporary actors of our time like, Irrfan Khan, Soha Ali Khan, Rahul Bose, Konkona Sen Sharma, and Rahul Khanna.


It’s a story of chaotic situations among mismatched couples in Mumbai. Samit and Mita announce their separation to their best friends/couple, Simi and Rishi, who get shocked and try to figure out the reason. Meanwhile, Samit moves out and lives with Kaya, his yoga instructor. Mita likes Veer, who is Simi’s co-worker. At the end, they find out their marriages are not perfect and all of them celebrate their patch-up.


This film is a copy of the infamous Hollywood Director Woody Allen’s, ‘Husbands and Wives’. It is a satire on marriage, but in the Indian context, and not copied, but ‘inspired’ by the original work of Guru. Unlike Hollywood movie’s smoothness in shifting stories of mismatched couples, this film loses its plot after a few minutes, and leaves the audience in a confused state. Chuckles and some dialogues save the audience’s drowsiness. Comedy scenes acted by Irrfan Khan are hilarious. There is a lack of credible playfulness and detailing of each character. Filmmakers tried hard to fit the story of the Western culture in the Indian urban modern lives of young couples. It leads to great disappointment, and also detaches the audience. The characters are highly problematic with their upper-class phenomena carried in a city like Mumbai. That’s why it attracts a limited target audience of a definite class/caste. Most of the dialogues are in English or Hinglish, which display their status in the society.


Konkona Sen Sharma mesmerizes as a cunning, greedy wife of Rahul Bose, who is a shy guy, and this time, an average performer in front of Konkona. Soha Ali Khan is erratic and fails to hold her character. The gorgeous man of Bollywood, Rahul Khanna,, sparks among all the talented actors with his presence. The best of all is our beloved ‘Khan’. Irrfan Khan manages to pull his character, who is a creepy, desperate man in his 40’s and is discovered as a renewed virgin.


1. Talented star-cast to drag the audience.

2. Newborn clone ruined all time satire of our era.


1. Engaging screenplay.

2. Remake for the Indian audience.


This film brings back to reposeful cinema, which was established by Woody Allen. But copying from shot to shot is not a thing to do. It is a one time watchable, if you like the actors in it. Other than that, it is the messed up film of the year.