Blame Game In Nadigar Sangam Controversy

Blame Game In Nadigar Sangam Controversy Tamil Article

This is neither a philosophical article nor attempting to put down anyone. It’s just to look into the blame game scenario in the hot topic of today-Nadigar Sangam elections. As you all know it all started with actor Vishal Reddy, who profusely expressed his concern over the contract of Nadigar Sangam with SPI Cinemas, and hence stated that the contract should be cancelled. And then followed a spate of words, with artistes starting blaming each other. Well, and this one is not a tiff in serial, it is real one. When Kamal Haasan blatantly supported Vishal, Sarath Kumar hit back by stating that Kamal Haasan is ungrateful and that he had forgotten what help Sarath Kumar gave during Kamal’s hard times of Uttama Villian and Viswaroopam. Then it was Cheran’s turn to slam Vishal and Karthi that they are not aware of the struggles that Sarathkumar underwent in maintaining the Sangam. And there was Simbu who slammed at Vishal saying that the latter was trying to break the unity of the film fraternity. The problem behind this was that there was talks on destroying the old building and giving it as a lease to SPI Cinemas in order to carry works on a theatre.

Well, these are some of the instances of the blame-game of Nadigar Sangam. When top actors such as Kamal Haasan voice their opinion on such issues it definitely makes one think clear ; won’t he win the ire of certain section of people? But that is also not major concern. The prevailing question is that- will such tiffs pave way to breaking of unity in the sangam? All said, superstar Rajinikanth maintained his stand by saying that whoever is elected should work hard for the sangam and in case of not living up to his promise, he should immediately resign. And Sarath Kumar and Vishal seemed to have rubbed each other on the wrong side in the polling booth. Well, we all expect a healthy competition but when such things happen there is also room for ire from the fans. Refrain from blame games in public. But that doesn’t mean that you should not forget the cause for which you are working on. And that’s where the subtlety lies….