10 Movies Which Have Forever Changed The Way We Look At The Film Industry 

10 Movies Which Have Forever Changed The Way We Look At The Film Industry  Tamil Article

You might have seen films which motivate people, inspire people and some show them their history in the most glorious way possible. But, there are some movies which include all of them and some more, and showcase the talent of the industry, and the country at large. Screened at major film festivals, these have shown the power of a story, and the imagination of a director, combined with best in class performances by the cast.
Assuming these notions, we have made a list of such movies, which adhere to these conventions:
Well known as one of India’s best directors, S.S.Rajamouli’s magnum opus,considered as the biggest change to the mainstream cinema in the recent times , and displays a wide variety of stars taking up the screen space, with lots of well-paced action, romance, and drama.
Another Rajamouli’s breakthrough work, this time, through CGI and with a new cast and a revenge concept that takes you into the plot through the eyes of a housefly and deals with the themes of reincarnation.
Director Sukumar’s psychological thriller which introduced the industry to thrillers made of high standard quality scripts, though people did not perceive the film commercially; it set the benchmark for films in the thriller genre.
Kamal Hassan produced spy thriller film which released to a lot of controversy with regards to communalism and sparked outrage from activists and the CBFC, to which the actor slammed back pointing the notion of the death of secularism in the country, the film fared well with the critics.
'Gangs of Wasseypur'
Anurag Kashyap’s crime drama film, which came out in 2012 took the industry by storm, a new attempt in turning tides with regards to script quality, and the steps taken by the film fraternity to portray real life events, with a truly cinematic experience. It did not literally depict the actual events as documented, but close enough not to find it skeptical and controversial to the masses.
 A 2013 film which showed us the power of women, and the sickening concept of honor killing; it literally totaled the box office records with its script, due to its quite gruesome violence and character portrayal, and placed it at a certain level which proved that even women-centric roles can establish solid ground with the critics and audiences.
 A film made by a debutant director and has a squared off script depicting the burning flaws of the country’s legal system and it received extremely positive reviews from all critics over the world, when screened at film festivals.
A 2013 Malayalam movie, which rejuvenated the career of the biggest star of the Malayalam industry, Mohanlal, also brought with it the best script on a thriller film in the recent years, suitable for family viewing. It sparked so much hype that it is being remade into other languages, to showcase such a beautiful script and the imagination that went into its creation in the first place.
 The most expensive film of the year 2010, and runs around the themes relating to robots, artificial intelligence, and coding emotions into a robot’s software, which wreaks havoc, and it took a lot of effort, dedication, props and money, which intuitively escalated its image and commercial performance, and also due to presence of a top-class cast which lifted the standards of the industry from that year, which laid the groundwork for debatable and world class cinema in the country.
A 2014 epic action film which is the country’s first photorealistic motion movie which made people and the critics get quite excited since its introduction, though the final output wasn’t as appreciable as expected, but it surely was a great attempt at something that was thought not possible by our industry. It sure needs to be big thumbs up for their creativity and the will to go beyond the horizon of routine film diplomacy.