Top 10 Songs Which Show Patriotism Towards Karnataka

Top 10 Songs Which Show Patriotism Towards Karnataka Kannada Article

Songs are the main attraction to a movie. This is the reason producers release the audio before releasing the movie. This is even a way to attract audiences towards the theaters. The audiences gage the scale of the movie through its audio itself. So it’s very important for the songs in the movie to be really good to tempt the audience towards the actual film. Here is a list of ten special songs which is composed not only to pull the audiences but also to bring out the beauty of this state Karnataka.

1. Naavaaduva Nudiye

This song was composed for the movie “Gandhada Gudi” in the year 1973 and was directed by Vijay. The music was composed by Rajan-Nagendra duo. This song brings the love towards Kannada language and how amazing the language is. It stars Dr.Rajkumar.


2. Kannadave Nammamma

This was composed for a movie “Mojugara Sogasugara” in the year 1995 and was directed by Vijay. It starred Vishnuvardhan and brought out the idea of seeing Karnataka as a Goddess or “Kannada Maathe”, which means mother of Kannada.


3. Karnatakada Ithihasadali


This song is from the movie “ Krishna Rukmini Krishna Rukmini is a drama series which got aired >> Read More... Krishna Rukmini ” directed by H.R.Bhrgava in the year 1988. Starring Vishnuvardhan in the song, it brings out many of the historical places of Karnataka. It is almost like a tour guide. It shows the history of Karnataka.

4. Ee Kannada Mannanu Maribeda


This song was composed for the movie “Solillada Saradara”, directed by Sai Prakash Sai Prakash aka Sai Reddy is a renowned film produ >> Read More... Sai Prakash in the year 1992. Starring Ambareesh in the song, it’s to show how good Karnataka is and that nobody should forget it wherever we go.


5. Kelisade Kallu Kallinali

This movie was composed for the movie “Belli Kalungura” directed by K.V.Raju in the year 1992. Starring Sunil, this song explains how our architectures were brilliant in building ancient buildings. This even tells how even the stones of Karnataka will know the Kannada language. But, presently it’s quite not true.


6. A Aa E Ee


This song was composed by the music director M.Ranga Rao for the movie “ Karulina Koogu We, as humans, make mistakes, and some of them can >> Read More... Karulina Koogu ” directed by Puttanna Kanagal Puttanna Kanagal was known as Chitra Brahma (God o >> Read More... Puttanna Kanagal in the year 1970. The movie starred Dr.Rajkumar and Kalpana in the lead roles. It has very simple lyrics; which is just the alphabets in the Kannada language.

7. Huttidare Kannada Nadali

This song was composed for the movie “Akasmika” which starred Dr.Rajkumar. This film was directed by T.S.Nagabharana in the year 1993. This song showed the love he had towards Karnataka also known as Kannada Naadu. This is a model song for Kannadigas.

8. Kannada Thaayiya Makkalu

This song was composed for the movie “ Shruti Shruti was born in Hassan as Girija, who is an act >> Read More... Shruti ”. This stars Sunil. Though there is no much information about this movie, this particular song is never forgotten. It portrays Karnataka as a mother, and we are all her children.

9. Adavideviya Kaadu Janagala

This song was composed for the movie “Rayaru Bandaru Maavana Manege” in the year 1993. This song brings out the life of Adivasis of Karnataka. This is one of the greatest songs in Sandalwood.

10. Kannadammana Devalaya

Starring Ambareesh, this song was composed for the movie “” in the year 1986. This song portrays Karnataka as the temple of the Holy God Kannadamma. It explains the holiness of this place, Karnataka. This is a song that every Kannadiga must know.