Sai Prakash aka Sai Reddy is a renowned film producer and director who is associated with Telugu and Kannada movies in the South film industry. This producer is a well-known face in Tollywood and has directed nearly 70 films in his career and was associated with just four or five films as both screenwriter, and producer which he had directed them all.

This renowned filmmaker is hailed in the film industry for making the devotional movies and has gained a trademark as a filmmaker who only selects sentimental and devotional themes. In the early stages of his career, the director was an assistant to Kodi Ramakrishna Rama Krishna more familiarly known as Kode Rama Kr >> Read More... Kodi Ramakrishna and later took a plunge as an independent director. Some of his notable Kannada moves are " Anna Thangi This is a famous Kannada serial which reveals the >> Read More... Anna Thangi " which was remade into Telugu as " Gorintaku Gorintaku is a Telugu TV soap Opera drama serial a >> Read More... Gorintaku ."

Although Telugu version was directed by V.R. Prathap, the story concept was retained by Sai Prakash himself. Many of his Kannada movies were blockbusters and was a remake of Telugu movies and those films that clicked well in box office included “Tavarige Baa Thangi,” and “Golmal Radhakrishna".

Sai Prakash made his debut as an independent director with "Muthinantha Manushya" (1989) and made several hit movies like “Rowdy & MLA”, “Readymade Ganda” and "" in Kannada language and all these movies were released in 1991.

It is often considered that the year 1991 and 1992 was the luckiest year for director Sai Prakash as any film that he directed in the above mentioned year turned out to be a real 'Gold' at the box office. It was in the year 1994 and 1995, he made three or two films and reduced his assignments that continued even in later stages of his career. He later remained very confirmed with either three of four projects and continued this trend till 2016.

If we are all likely to watch his number of projects and compare the same with success rate between Telugu and Kannada, then one can easily argue that he has only directed more Kannada movies. Some of his projects are delayed like "Sri Naga Shakthi" and "Saaye Devam" that has been in the cans for many reasons.