Bollywood Celebs Who’s Surnames Have Never Been Highlighted!

Bollywood Celebs Who’s Surnames Have Never Been Highlighted! Hindi Article

Well, all the individuals have their identity, and that is their name. There is no rule mentioned that a person needs to attach their surname to achieve fame in the world. And we have such great personalities in our Indian Film Industry too who believe in the overall independent existence of their own. Let’s have a look at the list of those artists.

1. ‘ Govinda Govinda is a popular Bollywood star who is known f >> Read More... Govinda ’:

Admired as the legend of acting in the Bollywood, Govinda’s birth name is Govinda Arun Ahuja. He entered the Bollywood only with his first name that is “Govinda” and chucked his middle and the end forename for just being himself.


2. ‘ Tabu Tabu is a wonderful gift to the Indian cinema. She >> Read More... Tabu ’:

Born with the name Tabassum Hashmi, the actress abridged her name at its shortest and became accepted in Bollywood with the name Tabu.


3. ‘ Sridevi Sridevi is an Indian an actress renowned for her w >> Read More... Sridevi ’:


Her original name is Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan; it’s good that you shortened your name to Sridevi, girl!

4. ‘ Rekha Rekha is probably among the most renowned and well >> Read More... Rekha ’:


Well, there is a sad tragedy behind her surname’s existence. Rekha was born to the Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan Born in 1920, Gemini Ganesan, originally known as >> Read More... Gemini Ganesan and the well-known Telugu actress Pushpavalli, but unfortunately, her father never accepted her as her daughter and so did Rekha never acknowledged his surname.


5. ‘ Rajinikanth 'Rajinikanth' is the name that is known in >> Read More... Rajinikanth ’:

The most admired actor of the Tollywood, Rajinikanth’s original name is Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. Well, he is quite matured enough to take the decision of altering his name which is worth his fame.


6. Kajol Devgan Born on 5th August 1974, Kajol was the heartthrob >> Read More... Kajol Devgan :


Kajol never attached her father’s surname “Mukherjee” nor did she apply her husband’s family name “Devgan.”

7. Ranveer Singh Ranveer Singh Bhavnani is an Indian movie actor wh >> Read More... Ranveer Singh :

One of the most admired actors of the recent times Ranveer Singh plunges his very last name Bhavani to make his identity bit simpler in the industry.

8. Prateik Babbar Prateik Babbar is an actor who has also got the sh >> Read More... Prateik Babbar :

To the existence of many clashes with his father, the actor Raj Babbar Raj Babbar is an actor turned politician. He is re >> Read More... Raj Babbar , Prateik decided to be known in the Bollywood by only his name and not by his paternal surname.

9. ‘ Jeetendra Jeetendra was born as Ravi Kapoor in a Business fa >> Read More... Jeetendra ’:

Well, this actor not only skipped his surname but, also altered his name from Ravi Kapoor Ravi Kapoor was born in Liverpool England on 27th >> Read More... Ravi Kapoor to Jeetendra.

10. Asin Thottumkal Asin Thottumkal more famously known as Asin, is a >> Read More... Asin Thottumkal :

Born with the name Asin Thottumkal, the actress dropped her surname as it would be difficult in the industry to recognize her! Smart she is, the real beauty with the brain we can say!