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Hindi Musician Vibha Sharma

Vibha Sharma is a well-known Indian pop star in the early 1990s. She made her debut album Mehandi in 2000, where the title track “Mehendi Lagaoongi Main”was a superhit. She was born on 15th January 1985 and was brought up by Hindu Punjabi – Kashmir Pandit family.She pursued her education at London University where she did B.Sc(honors). She made her entry to Bollywood with her song “Ishq Hua” and “Kaise Kahun” from the movie Ishq (1997) under the music direction of Anu Mallick.

The next song “Mujhe Kuch Tumse Hai Kehna” was very popular among the youth, from movie “Haad Kardi Apne” in 2003. She sang “Vaishnava Jana Tu” from movie “ Hey Ram Click to look into! >> Read More... ” acted by Kamal Hassan.  She won many awards for her performances. She appeared in Viva La Glam show.

She performed a lot of live shows in UK and Europe after she gained popularity with her second album Deewana(2008). Recently, she sang “Tera Pyar Soniye Ve” from movie Pehchaan-3D(2013). Now, she is working in Panjabi Hit Squad and is currently recording songs for her own albums.


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