10 Underrated Bollywood Comedy Movies

10 Underrated Bollywood Comedy Movies Hindi Article

Who says does Bollywood make only stupid comedy movies like ‘ Humshakals Click to look into! >> Read More... Humshakals ’ or Happy New Year Click to look into! >> Read More... Happy New Year ? There are many good comedy films in Bollywood.

1. Ankhon Dekhi Click to look into! >> Read More... Ankhon Dekhi (2013)


Ankhon Dekhi, a masterpiece created by , could be a bittersweet tale of a person who has an epiphany and decides that he can solely believe what he sees. The film’s cast, especially Sanjay Misra have given a perfect performance during this one as the patriarch of a social class family living in Old Delhi.

2. ' Filmistaan Click to look into! >> Read More... Filmistaan ' (2014)


Directed by Nitin Kakkar Nitin Kakkar is a film director by profession. As >> Read More... Nitin Kakkar , Filmistaan is a story of a cameraman from India who is erroneously abducted and made to cross the border when he was shooting a film. He is being held hostage in Pakistan, his solely hope for survival is Hindi films. This film won a National Film Award for Best Picture in Hindi.

3. Sankat City Click to look into! >> Read More... Sankat City (2009)


This film is a story of a bunch of petty vehicle thieves who unwittingly get in the bad books of a remorseless mobster. Pankaj Advani Pankaj Advani is a world-famous Snooker and Billia >> Read More... Pankaj Advani directed this film. Sankat City has traces of dark humour.

4. Monsoon Wedding (2001)


This film was directed by Mira Nair Mira Nair, a veteran Filmmaker, based in New York >> Read More... Mira Nair . This movie has gained a popular liking over the years. The movie is set for a wedding. This film highlights completely different characters and their stories. Problems like child abuse also are restrained within the film. The film was a winner of the Golden Lion Award at a Film Festival in Venice.


5. 'Mirch' (2010)


The film, created by Vinay Shukla A well-known name in the field of writing, directi >> Read More... Vinay Shukla , may be a compilation of 4 short stories set within the main narrative. The stories are adapted from the tales of Panchatantra and are notional in several modern settings.

6. Mithya (2008)


This film is directed by Rajat Kapoor and has Vinay Pathak Vinay Pathak is a well known face in the field of >> Read More... Vinay Pathak , Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah is an experimental actor and asso >> Read More... Naseeruddin Shah , Ranvir Shorey Intro: Ranvir Shorey is a popular Indian movies ac >> Read More... Ranvir Shorey , and Neha Dhupia Neha Dhupia is a Bollywood actress who began her c >> Read More... Neha Dhupia , in important roles. The story is about a not so popular actor who is asked to impersonate a felon by the police and the way he gets out of the mess.

7. Hulla (2008)

This film leading Sushant Singh Sushant Singh is an Indian film actor and a host o >> Read More... Sushant Singh and Rajat Kapoor in major roles is a story of a broker who finds himself a brand new home. However, the real problems start once he finds that he cannot sleep due to the loud noise which is made when the night-watchman blows his whistle. This leads him into a fight with the building's secretary who insists on the utilisation of the whistle.

8. Sulemani Keeda (2014)

This is a comedy regarding two troubled writers who monger their script, "Sulemani Keeda" in Bollywood and commence a journey you just cannot miss. This film is directed by Amit Masurkar Amit Masurkar is a film director, who mainly works >> Read More... Amit Masurkar .

9. Dil Dosti Etc Click to look into! >> Read More... Dil Dosti Etc (2007)

This movie is directed by Manish Tiwary Manish Tiwary is an Indian film screenwriter and d >> Read More... Manish Tiwary . This movie is about the ambiguities of college life. The film’s premise is once you’re young, you think the chances are endless. Precisely why this film ought to be on each youngster's list!

10. Do Dooni Chaar Click to look into! >> Read More... Do Dooni Chaar (2010)

This film is based in Delhi following the lifetime of a social class family whose dream is to shop for a car. This film was directed by Habib Faisal Habib Faisal is an Indian screenwriter and directo >> Read More... Habib Faisal . The film is the winner of the National Film Award.