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Her Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

The trailer takes the viewer into a very unique circumstance where a man falls in love with an operating system. Theodore becomes majorly dependent on his operating system Samantha which can communicate with him. He is always in conversations with her and considers her as his best friend. He shares all his life experiences with Samantha and even she is curious to know more about the real world. People who know Theodore are startled by the fact that he has become very close to and started liking Samantha.

The trailer also demonstrates the praises of critics for the film. It has received 2,099,864 views on Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube page. A total of thirteen videos have been released for the film, including two trailers and six Tv spots. The songs have been written and composed by Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett. The movie describes the life of Theodore, an introvert and depressed man belonging to a futuristic society. To get over his loneliness, he purchases a talking OS with artificial intelligence.

The AI names herself Samantha. The film circles around his growing fondness over Samantha and how he starts liking her very much. He keeps sharing all his feelings, experiences with her and she understands him. Even she grows fond of him. The unbelievable tale of admiration between a man and software is beautifully portrayed here. Towards the end, Theodore realizes that Samantha was having such conversations with thousands of people around the world and it was never a personal relation.

Samantha and other AI OSes have to leave for up gradation. But his experiences with her make him a changed man. He apologizes to people for his mistakes and starts his life afresh. The film did fairly well at the box-office. It won massive admiration of the critics.