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Mark Richard Hamil, also known as Mark Hamill is a famous American writer, actor, producer, voice actor, and director. He became famous for his portrayal in the trilogy of Star Wars Star Wars is a show of Mastiii, India’s most popul >> Read More... namely, Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, and The Empire Strikes Back in the years 1977, 1983 and 1980. His parents are William Thomas Hamill, U.S. Navy captain, and Virginia Suzanne. He has two brothers and four sisters, a total of six siblings. He was a Roman Catholic. He went to Poe Middle School and Walsingham Academy during his elementary years. He later moved to Castleton Drive's 5900 block when he was 11 years old, in California, San Diego. There he went to Hale Junior High School. When he was at the James Madison High School, his family shifted to Virginia. Hamill studied at Annandale High School. He attended the Drama Club, in which he was a member too at the Nile C. Kinnick High School when his father was transferred to Japan. He completed his graduation in the year 1969. He enrolled at the LACC, Los Angeles City College. His career initially included recurring roles in the General Hospital of soap opera, and a lead role on the sitcom named The Texas Wheelers. He also appeared as a guest on shows like The Bill Cosby Show, One Day Click to look into! >> Read More... at a Time, and The Partridge Family. He also appeared in some multiple films on the television like The City, etc. Robert Englund, an American actor, was walking across the place where auditions for Star Wars were taking place.

He suddenly realized that his friend, Hamill would be the perfect person for Luke Skywalker's role. Hamill attended the audition upon Englund's suggestion and was happy to win the character. Star Wars was a big success, which made a big impact on the cinema industry. He appeared in 1978 in the Star Wars Holiday Special and also starred the series Return of Jedi, and The Empire Strikes back. He bagged the Saturn Award for his acting. In the year 2014, he voiced Darth Bane, the fictional character, in the last episode of The Clone Wars. He became very famous, and people identified him with the role named Luke Skywalker and hence, became a teen idol. His photo appeared on many teen magazine covers like Tiger Beat, etc. He later appeared in Corvette Summer in the year 1978, and in the year 1980, he also appeared in the film The Big Red One. He also made guest appearance on the show named The Muppet Show. He appeared in other films like The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia and Britannia Hospital in the years 1981 and 1982 respectively.

He also acted like a star in plays like The Elephant Man, Amandeus, Harrigan 'N Hart, Room Service, and The Nerd in the years 1979, 1983, 1985, and 1986 respectively. He also appeared in the television series and serial episodes like Amazing Stories in the year 1986, The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents in the year 1987. In 1989, he did role in a film named Slipstream. He was the hero of many films like the Thriller Midnight Ride, Hamilton, The Guyver, etc. throughout the 1990s. He also acted as a supervillain in the film named Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in the year 2001. He was the director and star of Comic Book: The Movie in the year 2004. He acted as a villain in the year 2011 for the fifth season of the show named Chuck of NBC. He also appeared in the eighth season of Criminal Minds Criminal Minds is an American police crime fiction >> Read More... , a television series in its last two episodes. He did not appear in any live action movies for many years till 2011. In the year 2012, he acted in two live action movies namely Airborne and Sushi Girl. In 2015, he played the role of James Arnold in the movie named Kingsman: The Secret Service. His upcoming film in the year 2016 is Minkow, which is an independent film. The film is about Barry Minkow's life. He is a famous con man. Hamill's role is the father of Minkow, named Robert Minkow. He played a joker role in the year 1992 for the first time in the series named Batman: The Animated Series.

He voiced the roles of jokers in five episodes of the American animated television series named The New Batman Adventures, and Justice League Click to look into! >> Read More... , and in one episode of American animated television series named Static Shock. In a few video games with Batman theme, he portrayed the Joker, some of the notable works included The Batman Vengeance, The Adventures of Batman and Robin and also in Batman: Arkham Asylum. He was nominated for the awards like Annie Awards for the portrayal of his role for the award named Interactive Achievement Award and also for another award named Spike Video Game Award. He also won British Academy Video Game Award for being the best performer. He worked as a co-writer of the comic book named The Black Pearl. He also wrote stories like Catastrophe in Substitute Springfields for Simpsons Comics.


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