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Other names of Peter Sarsgaard: John Peter Sarsgaard
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His name is John Peter Sarsgaard, and he is an American actor. He was born on 7th of March in the year 1971 at Scott Air Force Base, located in Illinois. He father is John Dale Sarsgaard, who was an engineer at the Air Force and who later on worked in the companies like IBM and Monsanto and his mother is Judy Lea. As his father worked in the Air Force, he had to move twelve times during his childhood and so he has the influences of different regions on him. When he was just seven, he was interested in playing soccer, but later on, he left it and became interested in writings and acting in the theaters. He became interested in acting when he was in ‘Jesuit boy’s school’ located in Connecticut. He graduated from ‘Fairfield Prep’ and then, later on, he went to ‘Bard College’ located in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . He was there for two long years and then in the year 1991 he went to the ‘Washington University’ located in St.Louis, and it was in this University where he found a group named ‘Mama’s Pot Roast’ which used to perform comedy plays. His first character was that of a servant named ‘Lawrence’. In the year 1993, he finally graduated. He was in a relationship with an actress named Maggie Gyllenhall, who was the sister of his friend named Jake Gyllenhall. They were dating since 2002 and finally in April 2006; they had announced their engagement. They got married on 2nd of May in the year 2009 at Brindisi located in Italy. They were blessed with two daughters named Ramona who was born on 3rd of October, 2006 and the other one named Gloria Ray who was born on 19th of April in the year 2012. He along with his entire family stay in Brooklyn located in the New York.

He began his career by acting in several guest roles in TV production, a few of which are ‘Law and Order’ that was done in the year 1995 and ‘New York Undercover’ which was done in the year 1997. During the same year, he also appeared in the HBO’s popular show named ‘Subway Stories’. In the year 1995, he acted in his first movie named ‘Dead Man Walking’ in which his role was that of a murdered teenager who was killed by the lead character of the film. After this movie, he was the one among the many actors in the film named ‘Another Day in Paradise’ which released in the year 1997. In the year 1998, he did a supporting character in the movie named ‘Desert Blue’. In the same year, he acted in a considerable character named ‘Raoul’ in the film named ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ which was a hit at the box-office. In the year 1999, he acted as the notorious killer named ‘John Lotter’ in the movie named ‘Kimberly Peirce’s Boys Don’t Cry’ in which his character received a positive response from the critics as well as the public. He has done his first lead role in the movie named ‘The center of the World’ which released in the year 2001 in which he acted as ‘Richard Longman’. In the year 2003, he acted in the movies named ‘K-19: The Widowmaker’ in which he did the character of a Navy lieutenant, ‘Empire’ in which he did the supporting role and in the movie named ‘The Salton Sea’ in which he did a character of meth addict.

His career has seen a tremendous turning in the year 2003. He had done a lead role in the movie named ‘Shattered Glass’ which is based on the Journalist named ‘Stephen Glass’ and it added a great flavor to his career. Following this, he had acted in several other movies since then. In the year 2005, he did a supporting character in the film named ‘The Skeleton Key’. He also acted in ‘Flightplan’ in the same year. He acted in the film named ‘The Mysteries of Pittsburgh’ co-starred with Jon Foster, a renowned actor and Sienna Miller Born on the eve of December 28, 1981, in the stree >> Read More... Sienna Miller , a popular actress which had released in the year 2009. This movie is from the novel ‘The Mysteries of Pittsburgh’. In this film, he played the character named ‘Cleveland’. He was also a stage actor. In the year 1995, he made his entry into the play named ‘Laura Dennis’. Since then he had done many such plays and in 2011, he acted in the play named ‘Three Sisters’.

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Peter Sarsgaard is an American film, television, and theater actor, known for his role in the documentary film Shattered Glass as Charles Lane.

Born to parents John Sarsgaard and Judy Lea, at the Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, Peter's family had to relocate for more than a dozen times due to the uncertainty of his Dad's Army postings. Initially, Sarsgaard wanted to pursue soccer as a profession but had to give it up as the consequence of recurring injuries. Later on, Peter took a keen interest in writing and drama. He completed his schooling at the Fairfield College Preparatory School and graduated from the Washington University. Sarsgaard co-founded "Mama's Pot Roast," a comedy troupe during his college days, and also participated in various stage plays at the New York Actors Studio.

Peter Sarsgaard's career took off in 1995 with brief appearances in televisions series such as "Law & Order," New York Undercover and Subway Stories. In the same year, Sarsgaard made his movie debut with "Dead Man Walking" which also featured Sean Penn One of the talented, award winning and intelligent >> Read More... Sean Penn . In the following four years, Peter was seen in Another Day in Paradise, Desert Blue and The Man in the Iron Mask. Sarsgaard earned critical acclimation for his role as the serial killer in 1999 movie "Boys Don't Cry." The start of the millennium featured Peter in The Centre of the World, K-19, Empire, The Salton Sea, and "The Widowmaker." The Centre of the World marked Sarsgaard's first movie in which he was cast as the protagonist. In the year 2003, Peter was cast as the editor, Charles Lane in the biographical film Shattered Glass, a role which propelled his career, and was the recipient of recognitions from various artists and critics of the film industry. Sarsgaard was also presented with nominations at the Golden Globe and the Independent Spirit Awards. Later on, movies such as Garden State, Kinsey, The Dying Gaul, The Skeleton Key, "Flightplan," Jarhead, Year of the Dog, Rendition saw Peter in supporting roles. Post-2007, Sarsgaard was also seen in The Dying Animal, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Orphan, Knight and Day, Green Lantern.

Peter Sarsgaard's Broadway debut happened in the year 1995 with the James Houghton-directed Laura Dennis. And in the years that followed, he featured in various stage plays and adaptations such as Kingdom of Earth, Burn This, The Seagull, and Three Sisters.

Sarsgaard married Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie Gyllenhaal is a popular American actress. M >> Read More... Maggie Gyllenhaal in 2009, and the couple has two daughters, Ramona, and Gloria.