Top 10 Bengali Movies Based On History

Top 10 Bengali Movies Based On History  Bengali Article

When it comes to history based films, Tollywood has produced a lot of them. Whether it is about the history of the Bengali sweet Rosogolla, or, the history of Tagore’s personal life, or, the story of a Bengali revolutionary trio, Tollywood has worthy films about all of it. Here is a list of 10 Bengali movies based on history - 

1. Rosogolla

After facing a financial crisis after his father’s death, Nobin decides to become a sweet maker. He even alienates himself from his loved ones while being on his journey to create a fresh and unique sweet. After a lot of struggle, he creates rosogolla- the best thing that has ever happened to Bengalis. This film is based in the 19th century and is a story of love, struggle and one’s zeal to create something new.


2. Mahalaya

The film shows the story of how Akaashvaani, the radio station, replaced Birendra Krishna Bhadra’s voice by Uttam Kumar’s voice in their immensely popular programme Mahisasuramardini. Every youngster  who is fond of Bengali culture and still listens to Mahalaya on radio must watch this film to know that there was an incident behind their much-awaited programme. 

3. Ek Je Chilo Raja

This film is based on the famous Bhawal case. The Bhawal Estate was a large zamindari in modern day Bangladesh. An impostor was suddenly claiming to be the prince of Bhawal. But, he was supposed to  be dead a decade earlier. There was an extensive court case regarding this incident.


4. Rajkahini

Begum Jaan Click to look into! >> Read More... Begum Jaan runs a brothel in a village that is near the Indo-Pak border. The film shows her fights to survive and keep her business alive amidst the political situation of partition of the country.


5. 8/12 Binoy Badol Dinesh

The film shows the life and contribution of the revolutionary trio- Binoy, Badol and Dinesh. On 8th December, 1930 they entered the British Secretariat in Bengal- the Writers’ Building to assassinate the infamous British General N.S. Simpson. The then Dalhousie square named after Lord Dalhousie became B.B.D Bagh (Binoy, Badol, Dinesh Bagh) after the incident.


6. Meghe Dhaka Tara Meghe Dhaka Tara is a female-centric Bengali drama >> Read More... Meghe Dhaka Tara

The film is the story of a family who are refugees from East Pakistan living in the suburbs of Kolkata. Nita, the elder daughter of the family has the burden of earning for his family and is exploited by everyone around her. Even her family members take her goodness for granted. In the end, her brother seems to be the only one who cares about her.


7. Kadambari

Kadambari was the sister-in-law of Rabindranath Tagore, who was just 2 years older than the then 7 years old Rabindranath when she married his elder brother. The story shows the intricate details of the relationship that Kadambari shared with Rabindranath. Kadambari committed suicide when Rabindranath married Mrinalini Devi.


8. Bhuban Majhi

This film is based on the Bangladeshi War of Independence. The character of Nahir being a patriot has the urge of war ,but, on the other hand, the artistic side of him makes him want to attain independence in a peaceful way.


9. Neel Aakasher Niche

Set in the background of the last few days of British Raj in India, the film is a story of how an honest Chinese hawker falls in love with Basanti on the streets of Kolkata and unwantedly gets involved with her political group. The hawker later moves to China and joins the resistance movement against The Japanese invasion of China.

10. Gumnami

Gumnami is the story that deals with the mysterious death of Netaji Subhas Chadra Bose. The film tries to show the three theories explaining the disappearance of Netaji. The film is a dramatised version of the book “Conundrum” written by Anuj Dhar Anuj Dhar is an Indian author and a former journal >> Read More... Anuj Dhar . and Chandrachur Ghose. This film is emotional for Bengalis as Netaji holds a special place in the heart of Bengal.