Faruk Ahmed Bengali Actor

Faruk Ahmed is an actor and playwright working in the Bangladesh Film Industry. He was born in Manikanj in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He went to Jahangirnagar University to study Environmental Science and Geography. While still in college, he got interested in dramatics and started doing theatre. He was a part of plays like Cakra, Pracha, Yavati konnar mon, Kirtankhola, and Keramat Mandal. In 1983, he went on to join the Dhaka Theatre Ensemble. Simultaneously, he was doing a lot of social and volunteer work. He also worked with the NGO -Building Resources Across Communities (BRAC). He was first recognized for his performance in a Bangladeshi television drama Baro rokom manus for playing the character Rasiklal.

He has written screenplays for plays including dui basinda, kal shaper donshon, digbaji, and pani para among others. He has numerous television serials to his credit including 24 Caret Man, Tara Tin Jon, Fatman, Sikander Box, Ure Jai Bokpakkhi, Bonur Golpo, Moneybag, Ochin Brikhho, Ghorer Khobor Porer Khobor, Average Aslam Story coming soon... >> Read More... Average Aslam , Grihosukh Pvt. Ltd., Ghost Luxury, Hostage, Chor, Faad O Bogar Golpo, Hitler Wants to die, Para, Jaitari, Behind the Trap and many more. He was also a part of the web series Sabrina (2022) and Bhoyer Golpo- Murda Khat. His films include August 1975, Taarkata (2021), Shyamol Chhaya (2004), Fagun Haway (2019), Krishnopokkho (2016), Lorna’s Silence (2008), Puff Daddy (2022) and Ghetuputro Komola among others.

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