Hemalatha is a famous Tamil and Telugu actress, who is popular for her roles in more than 250 movies and television serials. She started acting as a child artist and slowly grew to the level where she is today, working on multiple serials, being recognized by public as a good actress.

Hemalatha’s family comes from the movie background. Her uncles and other relatives acted in many movies. Some of them took her to see shootings and she was instantly hooked. She wanted to act in those movies, not just watch them from screen or from behind the camera. She told everyone about her wish and they promised to support.

Hemalatha acted in number of Tamil movies as a child artist. Some of the famous movies like Batsha and Suryavamsam gave her great name and fame. She continued acting even after reaching the adult age. She acted in popular movies such as Kadhal Konden, Ji etc.

After that, she got her first break in television serials, thanks to Radhika Sarathkumar’s super hit television serial “Chitti”. She played the role of Kaveri in this serial and became a known face to people. She then acted on number of other serials such as Kana Kaanum Kaalangal This is a story about school life which was aired >> Read More... and Anbe Vaa This serial named “Anbe Vaa” is all about a true l >> Read More... . Her role of Deepa in Thendral serial gave her a superb recognition. She also performed at the famous dance program “Jodi Number 1” where she got a huge fan following. Today Hemalatha is getting mature roles and she carefully thinks and chooses what roles she wants to act, so that she can achieve her ultimate goal of becoming the best actress in the television media with the support of everyone.
Sabarna Tamil Actress


Sabarna also called Saberna Saboo is a beautiful and talented artist from Tamil Television world. She is acting in serials in different characters and she also compares programs with her unique style. The way she talks and the way she presents herself, have won her many fans among television watchers. Sabarna is also called Suguna, entered the television media by working on few small roles in serials. She gradually improved her level and started working on major serials. Her acting in the serials like Thulasi (Zee Television), Sondha Bandham (Sun TV) are getting great reviews. She also presents a program titled “Comedyil Kalakkuvathu Eppadi” in Vijay TV. Sabarna takes special care in her image on television. She spends thousands of rupees every month by shopping for new costumes and accessories. She chooses these carefully, so that they look really good on her. Once she uses one dress or accessory, she doesn’t repeat them. She gifts them to other actresses in the same field. Sabarna’s efforts on this direction are paying off in big way. She is already known as a star among young actresses in television and fan pages and being created in the social media for this talented artist. Many of these fans have written reviews of her works in various serials and programs and they strongly believe Sabarna should be entering the film world soon. For a talented actress like Sabarna, this is only a small step because, she is already very popular all over Tamil Nadu, thanks to her super hit serials and other programs. Fans are eager to see her in the movies and she has the potential to establish herself as a heroine.


Kavya Varshni

Kavya Varshni is a famous actress from Tamil television media. She has acted in a number of serials, anchored programs, and is currently one of the popular young artists in TV. She has essayed handled variety of roles in different television serials and she earned has got an excellent name among viewers. Kavya Varshini’s real name is Kavya. She decided to add “Varshini” to her name to differentiate herself from other actresses in the television media. She is a Telugu girl and an exquisite singer. She has performed in many stage shows, and music is her love even today. Kavya Varshini was waiting for a good start in the television media, when she got the opportunity to act in the famous serial “ Thendral” as a daughter-in-law, doing all right things for her family. This character was received well by audience all over Tamil Nadu, and she became a famous actress. After that, she acted in famous roles in serials such as Thirumathi Selvam, Chellamay, and Partha Gnyabagam Illayo. Kavya Varshini’s secret desire was to act as a police officer and as a mentally ill person. She was very fortunate to have played these two roles in the serials Karthigai Pengal and Ilakkanam Maarudho respectively. She used these opportunities very well and acted wonderfully, getting acclaims from television viewers and critics at the same time. She later started working on her roles carefully and achieved stardom. As a beautiful and talented actress, she would have got offers from movies as well. But Kavya Varshini decided not to try acting in movies and wishes to continue her television career as much as possible and achieve a good name in the public’s mind. Another version of this story... Kavya Varshini is a shining star in various television channels in Tamil Nadu now. She is known as a versatile actress who has successfully portrayed different roles in popular serials. She came into limelight while featuring in the TV serial ‘Thendral’, where she was given the role of ‘Kalyani’ who happened to be the best friend of the lead role ‘ Thulasi.’ Because of some sudden turn of events, she later transformed into her sister-in-law, courtesy of her love-marriage with Thulasi’s half-brother Mohan, played by another leading TV star Ayyappan. This serial started on Sun TV in the year 2009 and is still going on, though Kavya Varshini had to quit later, due to her involvement in other prominent serials which demanded significant part of her schedule. Another acclaimed serial of Kavya Varshini is ‘Chellamay’, where she played the supporting role of ‘ Anjali’, who is a stubborn girl and goes out with her boyfriend ‘ Karthik’ (played by Balaji) in spite of her mother’s repeated warnings about this boy.Then she was given up to the lead role Chellamay by her father to save her from the atrocities of her mother due to this unfortunate incident. Finally, she was protected from all further problems by Chellamay and was married secretly to the biological father of her baby. This serial has gone off the air in January 2014, but the role of Anjali will be remembered for a long time, as much as the lead protagonist, due to the excellent performance of Kavya Varshini. In a recent interview, Kavya Varshini told the reporters that she wants to pursue her acting career further in Television channels only and does not wish to join the film industry. Let’s hope she keeps entertaining us with her splendid performances and wish her luck for her future projects.

Kavya Varshni Tamil Actress