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Tamil Tv Serial Mundhanai Mudichu

Mundhanai mudichu Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Mundhanai Mudichu” is a super hit serial telecasted on Tamil channel Sun TV. It is produced by “Cine Times Entertainment” and went on to become a very successful drama liked by all viewers. It is the story of a father who has three daughters. He decides to marry these three daughters to three boys who are sons of his friend. He originally thinks it is a great idea and will ensure their lives will be happy and peaceful. But life doesn’t work like we wish . There are many complexities introduced because of this and each family tries to work with the available things to solve them. But it gets more complex as some bad characters enter the scene. As a result, a very good family drama is created.

This is one of the largest successful serial ever in the Tamil television history. This serial had a fantastic story line which promised entertainment to all kinds of viewers. It was written by Salem Siva M. P. This story was taken and crafted to a thrilling screenplay by Ve. Ki. Amirtharaj, Siva. Ila. Amalraj. Dialogues were written by Ve. Ki. Amirtharaj. All these happened under the experienced creative head Siddhique, who has created many successful serials before. “Mundhanai Mudichu”’s first attraction is it’s beautifully made colourful title song. It is written by famous lyricist Vairamuthu and composed by Kumar, Pandiyan. Other music for the serial is provided by G. V. Kalaikathir. Camera work is handled by 'Ashok Devaraj', 'B. Thiyagarajan' and the serial is directed by Salem Siva M. P.

Another version of this story...

Mundhanai Mudichu means Auspicious Knot made during the wedding, is currently aired on Sun TV from April 26, 2010, from Monday to Saturday. Mundhanai Mudichu serial is directed by P. Selvam, starring Durga and Delhi Kumar Delhi Kumar is a veteran Tamil television and film >> Read More... . This serial currently crossed almost 1150 episodes and expected to grow more with a lot of interesting plots. This show is produced by Cine Time Entertainments. Delhi Kumar has won Sun Kudumbam award and has acted in 6 Tamil movies including 'Dumm Dumm Dumm', 'Kannathil Muthamittaal', ' Stalin Stalin is a character artist and a notable serial >> Read More... ', ' Enthiran Click to look into! >> Read More... ', ' Singham Click to look into! >> Read More... ' and 'Singham 2' and also acted in 4 Tamil serials. The plot spreads like this, Kandasamy the core character played in Mundhanai Mudichu, whose 3 sons and all these 3 sons are being married to his friends 3 daughters.

The story slowly targets into Kandasamy’s brother and his family. It was started with the family fight between Kandasamy and Annamalai's. Kandasamy's sons Muthukumar, Saravanan and Karthik fight with one other for each and everything, Kandasamy's father tells that the only way to reunite them is to marry them to 3 daughters who are born to the same mother and those daughters happen to be Kavitha, Vasanthi and Swathi. In the meanwhile, Tamilarasi, the adopted daughter of Annamalai Is shown as the key character and story tries to show her as the heroine.

Her only aim in life is to get back her father's sweet shop and a house which was sold to an outsider a few years back which brings Annamalai's family to poverty. Annamalai thinks that his loss in property and his house is because of Kandasamy, which is later revealed to be untrue and the two again go hand in hand forgetting the bitter past. At first, Kandasamy's elder son Muthukumar was in love with Prema, who is Kandasamy's younger brother role played by Pazhaniappan wife's brother's daughter but Prema was crazily in love with Karthik. Kavitha at first had a relationship with a pizza boy when she was working in a petrol bunk with her friend Archana. The differences between the two families are the lime light of the serial. Actress Durga and Pooja Lokesh/Rani play the main protagonist and the antagonist of the serial respectively.


Another version of this story...

“ Mundhanai Mudichu” aired on Sun TV in 2010. "Cine Times Entertainment" produced the Show and went ahead to end up an exceptionally popular Show enjoyed by the audience. The Story is about a man who has three daughters. He chooses to wed his close friend's sons. He initially supposes it is a great oppurtunity and will guarantee their lives will be glad and tranquil.

However, life doesn't work like we think. There are numerous problems presented as a result of this, and every family tries to tackle them by working with the possibilities. It gets more unpredictable as some awful characters enter the scene. Therefore, making a great family Show. This serial had a fabulous script and guaranteed entertainment to a wide range of audience. `Salem Siva M.P´ is the writer of the Show. `Siva. Ila. Amalraj´ and `Ve. Ki. Amirtharaj´ created the screenplay of this Show. `Ve. Ki. Amirtharaj´ also wrote the dialogues.

Siddhique, who has made his mark by creating many famous TV serials was the Creative Head. "Kongumudi" first fascination is it's wonderfull, brilliant title melody. `Kongumudi´ implies `Auspicious Knot´ made amid wedding. `P. Selvam´ is the director of the serial. The Show has crossed about 1200 episodes and anticipated that would develop more with more intriguing plots. The story gradually focuses on `Kandasamy's´ family and his brothers. It began with the family battle amongst Annamalai and Kandasamy. `Kandasamy's´ children Karthik, Saravanan and Muthukumar fight with each other for every single thing, `Kandasamy's´ dad advises that the best way to rejoin them is to marry them to 3 girls who are blood-sisters.

Those girls happen to be Swathi, Vasanthi, and Kavitha. Meanwhile, `Tamilarasi´, the girl Annamalai adopted, appears as the main character and is demonstrated as the Heroine. Her main point in life is to get her dad's ``Sweet Shop´´ and ``House´´ back, which was sold to an outcast a couple of years back and brought Annamalai's family to poverty. Annamalai feels that his misfortune in property and his home is a result of `Kandasamy´, which is later uncovered to be false and the two again go as one overlooking the past. Initially, `Kandasamy's´ eldest son `Muthukumar´ was infatuated with Prema, who is `Kandasamy's´ younger brother pretended by Pazhaniappan spouse's brother's child. Prema had feelings for Karthik. Kavitha at first had an affair with a `Pizza boy´.

The distinctions in the two families are the heart of the Show. Famous Tamil actresses Durga and Pooja play the main character of the Show. Another star cast of the serial include ` Delhi Kumar´, `Hemalatha´, `Manohar´, ` Pollachi Babu Pollachi Babu is a famous, talented and popular Ta >> Read More... ´, `Revathi Sankar´, ` Sreeja Chandran Sreeja Chandran is an Indian TV actress, who becam >> Read More... ´, `Vithiya´. `Delhi Kumar´ have acted in acted in 4 Tamil serials and 6 Tamil films including ``Stalin´´, ``Dumm´´, ``Enthiran´´, ``Singham´´, ``Kannathil Muthamiltaal´´ and ``Singham 2´´. He also won `Sun Kudumbam´ Award.