Tamil Singer ( 0 - 12 )

Abhishek Raghuram


Any Person Who Sings Is Called A Singer

Any Person Who Sings Is Called A Singer. This Singer Might Be Singing Professionally Or As An Amateur. Professional Singers Belong To Various Genres Depending On Their Voice Quality And The Style Of Music That Suits Their Voice.

The Category Of Singers On The Basis Of Their Genres Are Namely Country Singers, Classical Singers, Hip-Hop Or Rap Singers, Jazz Singers, Opera Singers, Etc. These Singers Might Be Performing In Either Group Or As A Solo Artist. The Lead Singer In The Group Is Called The Lead Vocalist And Is Also Referred To As The Frontman.

Some Might Even Sing In Choirs Like In A Church Choir. Singers Are Judged On The Basis Of Their Performance. Good Singers Need To Have A Good Vocal Technique, Wide Vocal Range Along With An Emotional Connect With The Song As Well As The Audience. There Are Many Successful Tamil Singers That Have Contributed Towards The Indian Music Industry. These Tamil Melody Songs Have Appeared In Some Of The Best Tamil Movies.