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RJ's Have A Unique Presentation Style

An RJ or Radio Jockey is someone who is a part of Radio Company mainly responsible for on-air shows. They do many works from discussing the genre of music to talk shows held with various personalities. They are known as the radio host around the globe, but they are known as radio jockey in India and Pakistan. The work of radio jockey is to give information on the air like weather reports, local news, traffic status, etc. but they also conduct interviews with celebrities, and they air mp3 files which had been sequenced before the show according to their theme of the show. They also sometimes listen to the callers’ problems and give advice in accordance with them. They can work for public or private stations. They also feature different promotional during their radio show.

Another thing that they do is promoting their radio channel and show on various social networking sites. They keep people updated about the future interviews, and also they make an appearance on the numerous shows for promoting them. So a radio jockey is a master in manipulating reality and knows how to mix in with a dash of fantasy and present it to people in a unique way collaborating it with their unique personality.