Vinitha is an Indian Radio Jockey. She works in the Coimbatore outlet of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. “Radio Mirchi – It’s Hot” is the tagline of the popular network.The private chain of radio channels which is run successfully in India and UAE. It is owned by ENIL (Entertainment Network India Ltd). The best RJs of the country are trained here, and Vinitha is one of them. Jockeying in the state of Tamil Nadu, she speaks in the local language of Tamil in her shows. Vinitha is known by her close friends and acquaintances as one of the most positive and optimistic persons in the business. Vinitha has revealed that she is as straight as a scale and is always straight forward in conversations and while taking important decisions of her life.

She believes in the mantra that whatever happens, happens for good and hence, we should always keep the positivity levels high. She loves reading and reads novels like Ladies Coupe, Five Point Someone, Eleven Minutes, Two States and Shiva Purana Retold. She has confessed that there are only a few books that she likes and enjoys reading. Being a fan of Indian Film Industry, one of her favorite movies is ‘ Queen’. Her favorite actors are Aamir Khan, Kishore Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor, Gael Gracia Barnal and Vijay Sethupathy. One of her other passions, other than movies, is music.

Manasula Soora Kaathe, Medhuvagathan and Kadhal Kaniye are some of her most liked songs. She doesn’t consider herself as a very fashion conscious person and believes in keeping her dressing style simple and sensible. Her all-time favorite dish is a bowl of homemade Venpongal Sambar Vadai. Being a genuine and friendly person, she tries to ensure that everyone around her is happy. Moreover, she has revealed that she loves being appreciated and loved by her friends and family.

For Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, she hosts the early morning show called Deva Rangam. It is on the air as early as 5:00 a.m. in the morning and runs till 7:00 a.m. Mirchi Deva Rangam helps the Tamil listeners to start their day with a little hope and blessings from the Almighty by playing devotional songs and reciting anecdotes from the Puranas. Vinitha also writes blogs for her network’s website under the pen name RJ Vini. Some of her blogs are Life’s Journey and Destination, I don’t have a Title and others.

RJ Vaidhi Tamil Actor

RJ Vaidhi

RJ Vaidhi works in 98.3 situated in Chennai. He is known as Vaidhya .M. Sundar in person and known to us as RJ Vaidhi. Being born in Madurai, he takes up his work as a radio jockey in Chennai station of 98.3. He has done his schooling in MCTM Chidambaram Chettiyar matriculation higher secondary school. He held a degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Loyola College in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He was first known to us as a stand-up comedian and then made his way as a radio jockey in Radio Mirchi station that takes up the frequency 98.3. His interest in media has made his go this far enough to write a script of his own and direct those. He has done many short films that can be viewed on YouTube and still finding sources where he could rock his way and prove his talent to hit the all-time favourite radio jockeys list. He believes that sobriety is the only cause for all the difficulties in life. He manages to serve his passion as a radio jockey as well as a director. He strongly believes that people can do more than one job at a time and can handle those very efficiently. He admits that even if people have full-time jobs, still they can admit themselves into a job that works out their passion and feel satisfied in what they do and that there is a higher percentage of least stress and high rate of success. . He is highly optimistic to achieve success in life, unlike the people who worries for their loss and failure. Despite the negativities of life, he strives to learn the positives and defines his way in the field of media. He has done a quite lot of jobs and has tasted different fields and tries to hook up with new ideas. He has travelled to places like Singapore and Malaysia in 1996. He started working at Evam entertainment in 2004 and left it by 2010. He then moved to Dubai, United Arab of Emirates where he started working at Halliburton. He then resigned from here in 2011 and his interest was stolen by Amazon. He started his job in, Inc in 2011. In 2012, he left his job at Amazon and joined to work with Arjoon Manohar Photography and also served as a radio jockey in 98.3. He believes that he can manage two different worlds where the theatre teaches us a new story of managing time and life skills needed to survive your way. As a stand-up comedian he has shown himself worth in the Pandits festival day 2 and currently does shows in Radio Mirchi, Chennai.


Rj Marconi

Shakespeare once said “…floating straight obedient to the stream.” Such a boy was Marconi, a cool boy of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. After his earlier studies, he completed his MBA and started Marketing; following the common trend. But, was it exactly what he wanted to be? Who knows? If you want to achieve your goal against the social trend, you have to face many barriers like family pressure, financial problem, and even sometimes your own fate. Fate is a pretty good thing, if you have sufficient potential and trust in yourself, as you can alter it. And, so did Marconi. This little boy from a small village became an award-winning RJ in Radio Mirchi today! Marconi conducts the ‘Konjam Coffee Konjam Melody’ show on Radio Mirchi 98.3 F.M. It is the only comedy show in Coimbatore which Marconi handles it superbly. From 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., he mesmerizes thousands of his Tamil fans everyday with his golden voice. Program starts with him saying, “Every morning we wake up to a new day. Let the sunshine be filled with the aroma of coffee and…” Throughout his career, he kept faith in the key sentence-“Put your voice in your heart.” Marconi loves his hometown. The Super Lightening, thunder and Rain of Coimbatore appeals him. In his language, he wants to be the ‘Don’ of his city. Talking about Marconi, he is a fan of the ‘Jungle Book’ and loves playing video games. By going through Marconi’s profile, updated on Radio Mirchi, we came to know about his choices. He likes Garlic Bread the most. Sunny Deol is his favourite actor. His favourite movie is ‘Pancha Thanthiram’ and song is ‘Palakattumachan UK Ku patina sure!’ And, the last thing is that he loves to sleep and hates reading books. He is a scorpion. Marconi’s aspirations met reality, when in 2017, Indian Radio Forum (IRFA) recognized the ‘Konjam Coffee Konjam Melody’ as ‘THE BEST BREAKFAST SHOW, TAMIL-2017.’ It was a great moment for him.He proved his excellence in front of India by achieving this repute. IRFA awarded his show by the trophy consisting ‘The Golden Ear.’ Once while attending TEDx program in Coimbatore, people recognized him and introduced themselves as his fan. It made him feel special and according to him the picture with them made his day

Rj Marconi Tamil Actor