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Rj Ajai Tamil Actor
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Fortunate are those who achieve their goal of becoming what they have always wanted to be in life. It is not easy to achieve the goal. Of course, luck matters a bit; but the most important thing, perhaps, the most crucial one is not to give up. If one picks up a biography of any successful person, he shall come to see phrases like ‘fight against odds,’ ‘shot in the dark,’ ‘exploring you,’ etc.

If you have to enlighten yourself in the dark then keep trying to put on the switches one by one; after some time, the bulb must glow by some switch. Just keep on working. Such a boy was Ajai. He was from Chennai. From childhood, he dreamt of being an RJ. That’s why, after completing his education, he started preparing to make his dream come true.

He had to face many difficulties throughout the journey. But like the ones who are destined for greatness, Ajai too refused to give up. And, after crossing all the barriers, being rejected in many interviews, and winning all the fights, Ajai became an RJ in Chennai Radio Mirchi 98.3 F.M. It was 2003 then. Ajai conducts the “Marina Melodies” show on the Chennai Radio Mirchi. From Monday to Saturday; he keeps the Tamil people amazed by his superb performance.

His show timing is from 7 A.M. to 11 A.M. Basically, he makes the mornings of people beautiful and charming. Ajai starts his show, saying, “Get on with it! Get busy, get active, and experience the breakfast of a champion, with Marina…” Let’s talk about Ajai’s personal life. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Cycling, singing, and reading are his passions. His favourite food is Andhra Meals. He loves to play Football, Squash, Tennis, Badminton, and T20.  Kamal haasan is his favorite actor.

He likes all the all songs of A R Rahman. Complete illustrations of Hans Christian Anderson interests him greatly. His current favourite song is ‘Enga Pona Rasa.’ Ajai is married to a gorgeous lady named Deepthi. Ajai’s favorite quote is: “Life doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be lived.” According to him, his capability of doing mimicry helped him to get selected for the Radio Jockey post. The sad news is that on May 10, 2017; Ajai announced his decision to resign from the post after 14 years of experience.

He now wants to put his hand in new media, including the digital market. He is looking forward to seeing himself as an actor. He has already acted in a Tamil film named ‘Idhu Enna Maryam.’ However, he has thanked the people for the love, support, and confidence that he has earned from them.