Birthday: 01-10-1984
Age: 34
Star sign: Scorpio

Sri Balaji is an Indian Telugu actor. He too acted and directed in Tamil movies. He was born on 1st of October, 1984 and he is a resident of Chennai, Tamilnadu. His passion for cinema has impressed the film director Thamarai Kannan, and he helped in making his entry to Tamil film industry. After a few actors like Pasupathy, Vimal, Vijay Sethupathi and Vidharth had joined Tamil cinema from the renowned Tamil drama troupe Koothu-P-Pattarai, Sri Balaji made his presence in Tamil film industry.

Sri Balaji is famous for his movies 'Nakaite Nachindi' (2015), ' Kullanari Koottam' (2011), and 'Kadhal Kaditham' (2008) and ' Injimarappa' (2015). He is an automobile engineer, and has acted in 'Adukalam' and 'Engaeyum Eppothum'. Sri Balaji made his entry as a hero in ' Sooraiyadal'. At the interview, he was very confident that the cinema has all the right ingredients to succeed at the box office. Thrilok Productions 'Sooraiyadal' is a family drama laced with suspense. Sri Balaji plays the hero, and Leema Babu and Gayathri, the heroines.

'Injimarappa' is a romantic drama which portrayed Sri Balaji in a different new look which attracted and drew a few audience towards his side. Though he made a decent entry into the film industry, he could not keep it up for a longer time. Most of the critics were not satisfied by his performance in the latter films. He couldn't give his best shot in every take. The minimal performance didn't attract the audience and critics either. The story of 'Nakaite Nachindi' is nothing new and most of his films couldn't get grace results at least by the other factors like heroin or music or choreography.'Nakaite Nachindi' features Sri Balaji, Sony Charishta, Krishna and Rishika in the lead roles.

Sri Balaji entertained the audience with his few movies. He is not only an actor, but also a director. He acted in a Telugu movie. But he tried his hand in direction with Tamil movies. Altogether he had a few movies lined up for the future.