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Swarnamalya Tamil TV-Actress
Born: 22 April 1981

Age Now 43

Swarnamalya - (TV-Actress)

Varsha Ashwathi Tamil Movie Actress
Born: 22 April 1989

Age Now 35

Varsha Ashwathi - (Movie Actress)

Jeyamohan Tamil Writer
Born: 22 April 1962

Age Now 62

Jeyamohan - (Writer)

Sai Dheena Tamil Stunt Director
Born: 22 April 1983

Age Now 41

Sai Dheena - (Stunt Director)

Bava Chelladurai Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 22 April 1962

Age Now 62

Bava Chelladurai - (Movie Actor)

Kuladeivam Rajagopal Tamil Actor
Born: 22 April 1931

Lived For 60 Years

Kuladeivam Rajagopal - (Actor)

M S Ananda Tamil Cinematographer
Born: 22 April 1933

Lived For 82 Years

M S Ananda - (Cinematographer)


Dubbing Is Not Only Replacing The Actor’s Voice In A Movie

Dubbing Is Not Only Replacing The Actor’s Voice In A Movie Or TV Show With Another’s In A Different Language. It Is A Post-Production Process Which Also Includes Adding Or Editing Dialogues And Remixing The Music In The Background And In The Songs To Make The Audio More Interesting And Appealing To The Audience.

Just As An Editor Provides Corrections In A Script, Dubbing Does The Same With The Film Audio. Replacing The Original Language In A Movie During Dubbing Is Done Mainly So That The Movie Can Be Released In As Many Different Regions As Possible To With The Aim Of Capturing A Wider Audience Of Diverse Mother-Tongues. Before Dubbing, Certain Dialogues Might Be Unclear Or Some Part Of A Recorded Song Might Be Static.

All Of These Problems Are Remedied For While Dubbing. The Dubbed Version Of The Original Soundtrack Is Then Included In The Movie And Released.