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Krishna Sai Tamil Actor

Krishna Sai

Krishna Sai is an upcoming professional south Indian film director. He is also a screenplay writer and a dialogue writer. He has offered his services in the Tamil film industry. Krishna Sai is known for his project in which he was the director of the film Aalukku Paathi 50/50 which got released in the Tamil language. Krishna Sai was born and born up in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. He is currently working and based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Krishna Sai did his college education in engineering. He specialized in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Bachelor of Technology. He got his undergraduate degree from St. Ann's College of Engineering and Technology. Like many engineering students who divert from their path of the field, Krishna Sai moved into films and directors. Krishna Sai is one of the directors who has registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and he has a DIN (Director Identification Number) that can be found with the registrar. He is currently working with some two companies. In these companies, he is designated as a director. The names of these offices are Etherlabs Technology Innovations Private Limited and Snowflake Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Krishna Sai joined Etherlabs Technology Innovations Private Limited on 6th of April in the year 2017 and Snowflake Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 9th of May in the year 2012. Krishna Sai had his share of hardship and working in short films and advertisement before getting a chance in the cinema industry. He entered the Tamil film field with his debut movie Aalukku Paathi 50/50. This movie got released in the big screens in the year 2016, and it is of comedy horror genre. This movie is still in production, and it is having a cast of Sonu Gowda, Bala Saravanan, Rajendran, Patti Mandram Raja, Mimikri Sethu, Deena Mattum Palar, and many more and it is produced by film producer V N Ranjith Kumar. Krishna Sai was also the dialogue writer and screenplay writer of this movie Aalukku Paathi 50/50, and for this music of his film, he chose music director Dharan. In this movie, Krishna Sai took inspiration from the routine life of people. It is based on the stories of three IT employees who have lost their job and ended up being part of small thefts to have a decent living. Krishna Sai took the shooting of this project in Chennai and Kumbakonam. Krishna Sai has also appreciated the short film named Master Piece.