Santhanabharathi is a famous actor, director of Tamil movies and television serials. His face and acting style fits any character from humorous ones to villainous ones. Hence, Santhanabharathi is well accepted by directors of movies as well as television serials. He has done number of memorable performances and directed some wonderful films.

Santhanabharathi originally wanted to be a director. He was doing the homework for that and din't get the right opportunity, even after working for a superb director like Sridhar. At that time, he joined with his friend Vasu and started looking for offers. Finally, they got a movie by name “Panneer Pushpangal” in the year 1981. That movie is a super hit movie and well known even today among movie watchers. Everyone loved the story, loved the characters and the way it was filmed. Santhanabharathi, along with his friend Vasu started directing many other movies with the name “Bharathi vasu”.

Santhanabharathi started directing films of his own, after doing five films together with his friend Vasu, who also went on to become a popular director on his own. Santhanabharathi’s films such as Guna, Mahanadhi, Chinna Maaple are well known for their different treatment, as he made best use of his friends Kamalahasan and Crazy Mohan Crazy Mohan was born as Mohan Rangachari on Octobe >> Read More... Crazy Mohan who always gave their best performance to his movies.

Santhanabharathi started acting very early in his career. His popular movies as an actor include Michael Madhana Kama Rajan, Kuselan, Varalaaru and Anbe Sivam. He also started acting in television serials and his popular serials are Poonjolai and Uravugal thodarkathai. Today he focuses entirely on acting in movies and television serials, however he has repeatedly conveyed that his first love is direction only!
Vietnam Veedu Sundaram Tamil Actor

Vietnam Veedu Sundaram

Vietnam Veedu Sundaram is a very famous scriptwriter, dialogue writer, actor and director from Tamil Nadu. He is the director of the famous movie “Vietnam Veedu”, which gave fame to the great actor Shivaji Ganesan and went on to earn huge success. Hence, the name “Vietnam Veedu” got attached to Sundaram’s name itself.Vietnam Veedu Sundaram was born in the year 1945, and from very young age he was curious to know things. He didn't read much in school due to his family situation. So, he was forced to work to earn a living by hard labor even at that young age. He did some odd things and later learnt to be a machine operator, while he got a chance to work with certain stage artists. So, he got an interest to tell interesting stories and direct his own scripts. Slowly he grew to that level and “Vietnam Veedu” gave him a superb start.Vietnam Veedu Sundaram directed many other movies after that. His films are known for showing family values in a good light. He also acted in few movies such as Appu and Kannamoochi Yenada. His famous television serials are Rishimoolam, Metti Oli, Avargal, Pondaatti thevai, Bhairavi and Pillai Nila. His unique style of speech and showing emotions on the face has made him a favorite among television watchers. For his performances as an actor as well as writer and director, he has got number of awards and both the movie world as well as the television world and respects Vietnam Veedu Sundaram as one of its pioneers and takes his advice before making any important step. That shows the level of command he had on these visual fields.