Kidaari is an Action-Drama Tamil movie which is directed by the talented Prasath Murugesan. M. Sasikumar is the producer of the film. The movie has Nikhila, S

Kidaari Movie Review

Kidaari Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Kidaari"
Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-09-2016
Genre: Action, Romance
3 / 5.0



Kidaari Click to look into! >> Read More... Kidaari ” is an Action-Drama Tamil movie which is directed by the talented Prasath Murugesan Prasath Murugesan is a South Indian Film director, >> Read More... Prasath Murugesan . M. Sasikumar is the producer of the film. The movie has Nikhila, Suja Varunee Suja Varunee is the stage name of Sujatha, who was >> Read More... Suja Varunee , Sasikumar, Vela Ramamoorthy Vela Ramamoorthy is an Indian actor and writer who >> Read More... Vela Ramamoorthy and Mu Ramasamy Ramasamy, also known as Murugiah Ramasamy, is a pr >> Read More... Mu Ramasamy as the lead cast. The film hit the cinema halls on 02 September 2016.

Plot: The story starts with an attempt to murder in a village that seemed to have left no apparent trace. Kombaiya Pandian (Vela Ramamoorthy) – from Sattur in Virudhunagar, was cruelly stabbed, and no one knows who had committed the misdeed. And from here, begins Kidaari, a revenge and treason story that goes through some possible culprits through a very organised and chapter-wise method. Pandian has had plentiful enemies in his life span. Each one had good reasons to kill him.

On the other hand, Pulikuthi Pandian (OAK Sundar) is an entrepreneur who was bankrupted by Pandian’s immoral plans. It’s very well believable that he could have done the crime. Also, as Pandian murdered his father as well, Bombay Selvam had more private reasons to commit the act. Loganayagi (Suja Varunee) and Gandhimathi Nathan also lost their little son, the fault of which was directly given to none other than Pandian himself. And also, Pandian’s son, Udayanambi has been having murderous grudges for years.

The Director Prasath Murugesan goes about talking about each one of these suspects in a very systematic and an organised way. For the most of the part, the description of each of these tales forms the film itself that covered everything from where they started, how it could have lead to blood and how it all began. Pandian’s godson, Kidaari is the only character in the movie who seems to be rigid in his all of his actions. Throughout the film, he dismantles his godfather’s enemies one by one and remains loyal to the end.

Analysis: Prasath Murugesan has used a novel-like approach to show these issues. He has shown us who these characters are and then tells the events of the past that triggered antagonism between them and Pandian in an episodic style. The director has done a successful work in showing us the nature of each the characters. The characters depict reality, and the choice of actors is stupendous. Kidaari is the only character who sticks out till the end. He has done everything from action to romancing a girl that we expect a hero to do.

Star Performances: Kidaari is yet another role that added up to Sasikumar's usual rural drama. From the opening till the end, he has conceded the movie on his back and his presence on screen has worked in support of the film. Nikhila Vimal Nikhila Vimal is a Malayalam actress, and a classi >> Read More... Nikhila Vimal who has played the role of Sasikumar’s love interest and small town girl is a beautiful choice in the cast who fits into the role perfectly.

Vela Ramamurthy, who has made an impact with his films like Komban, Madha Yaanai Koottam Click to look into! >> Read More... Madha Yaanai Koottam , plays the character of Kombaiya Pandian. He has carried the role with simplicity and perfection, and his deeds suit the local don. Suja Varunee and Napolean appear in brief cameos.

What’s There?

1) A lot of suspense throughout the movie.

2) Interesting episodic description of the plot.

3) Great action sequences.

4) Humour in the violent scenes.

What’s Not There?

1) The film lacks on its narration which could have been fast.

2) The movie could have been a less violent regarding the fight as it gets slightly too much.

Verdict: The movie has a great storyline though a little familiar, but the screenplay is where the director has scored well. There is a lot of mystery throughout the story that will keep the audience in suspense and engaged. Also, there are a lot of action sequences performed well by the actors. Other than action and mystery, Romance and music have worked as a cherry on the cake in the movie. Kidaari is full of ecstasy and suspense and hence is a must-watch picture.