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Swarnamalya Tamil TV-Actress
Born: 22 April 1981

Age Now 43

Swarnamalya - (TV-Actress)

Varsha Ashwathi Tamil Movie Actress
Born: 22 April 1989

Age Now 35

Varsha Ashwathi - (Movie Actress)

Jeyamohan Tamil Writer
Born: 22 April 1962

Age Now 62

Jeyamohan - (Writer)

Sai Dheena Tamil Stunt Director
Born: 22 April 1983

Age Now 41

Sai Dheena - (Stunt Director)

Bava Chelladurai Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 22 April 1962

Age Now 62

Bava Chelladurai - (Movie Actor)

Kuladeivam Rajagopal Tamil Actor
Born: 22 April 1931

Lived For 60 Years

Kuladeivam Rajagopal - (Actor)

M S Ananda Tamil Cinematographer
Born: 22 April 1933

Lived For 82 Years

M S Ananda - (Cinematographer)


Writers Are The Professionals Expected To Build The Storyline

Writers Are The Professionals Expected To Build The Storyline With The Help Of Dialogues, Scripts Or Other Pieces Of Writing. Apart From The Director, Script Writers Are Very Crucial To The Movie, As The Burden Of The Whole Plot And The Performance Of The Actors Is Indirectly Dependent On The Script.

The Quality Of The Star Cast Of The Project Totally Depends Upon The Script Of The Movie As All The Actors Thoroughly Go Through It Before Signing For The Project. All The Award Franchises Have Separate Honors For The Films Having Best Scripts. Sometimes, The Scriptwriters Work Separately With The Actors In Their Project To Enhance The Qualities Of The Character According To The Actor Who Is Supposed To Play It.

Lyricists Are Also Writers Who Compose The Lyrics Of A Song To Add More Meaning To All The Sequences And Characters Of The Movie. Sometimes, The Scriptwriters And Lyricists Work Together To Create A Uniform Progression In The Journey Of A Scene To A Song.