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If you are a teacher's daughter or son, it is not a compulsion that you will be the next teacher or professor. You can be anything, may be an actor, singer, or a novelist. Of course, there is nothing wrong in being one either. The same concept holds true for any of the professionals, and their offsprings. This is what happened to a Tamil director and his daughter. He is a very well-known director, and his daughter raised to the heights of becoming one of the leading costume designers in the Tamil film industry. She is Niranjani Agathiyan, who received critical accolades from the audience and critics as well.

Niranjani Agathiyan is the daughter of the famous Tamil director, ‘Agathiyan’. Agathiyan is a National Award winning director who directed blockbusters like ‘Vaanmathi’. He has three daughters, and to his goodness, all his three daughters are some way or the other associated with the film and entertainment industry. Agathiyan's elder daughter, Karthika, is working as an anchor for the shows in Makkal TV. She got married to Thiru, who is a director for Samar. His second one, Vijay Lakshmi, is an actress who worked for some movies like Rendavathu Padam Click to look into! >> Read More... , Chennai 600028, etc. She loves Feroz and married him in the Hindu style. He is an assistant-director-turned-director with the flick ‘Pandigi’.

Niranjani Agathiyan is Agathiyan's younger daughter, who was not very interested in the film industry. From her childhood, Niranjani Agathiyan was highly interested in studies, and always tried to build her career with studies. She completed her bachelor's in Sciences in Electronics. After her graduation, she tried her hand at working in some channels. But, owing to the circumstances, she had to do costume designing. In her words, she said that time changes gradually, so she had to take costuming, and thought of building a career in this field.

During the starting days of her career in this area, she worked as an assistant to the most sought out costume designer in both Tamil and Telugu film industry, Nalini Sriram Nalini Sriram is a costume designer based in Chenn >> Read More... . Nalini Sriram assisted for some hits starting from the classics like ‘Roja’, ‘ Bombay Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, etc. to the most recent family entertainers like ‘ Manam Click to look into! >> Read More... ’. After she gained experience in working with Sriram, Niranjani Agathiyan tried her skills in making the best. She designed clothes for Tamil hits like Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, Neethane En Ponvasantham Love is something that Indians only preach, not pr >> Read More... , etc. Later, she came up to the mainstream flicks like Kaaviya Thalaivan. Sharing her experiences in making the film, she said that she had to think back regarding the age to design costumes. So she read some books of pre-independence, and saw some old classic films to get an idea. She adds, sincerity and punctuality are the principles she learned from her father, and now they are motivating her to look forward.


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