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Neethane En Ponvasantham Tamil tv-serials on MAKKAL TV
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Love is something that Indians only preach, not practice. This is evident from the extremely stiff opposition to the concept of love marriages in India. With an archaic mindset dictating their everyday lives, most of the Indian families hate the children choosing the brides/grooms for themselves. But does love ask your caste/religion/gender before striking you? No, right? Capitalizing on this bitter truth, is an eye opener, ’Neethane En Ponvasantham’, the Tamil dubbed version of the famous Colors show, ’Ye Pyar Na Hoga Kam’. Covering the issue of inter-caste marriages, it belongs to the romance genre, and currently airing in prime time slots on the Tamil channel, Makkal TV, airing in the prime time slots.

The story is set in the picturesque township of the ‘City of Nawabs’, Lucknow, and covers the tale of the two warring neighbors, the Bajpayees, and the Mathurs, whose children, Abeer, and Leher, fall in love with each other. The cause of the rift between the Bajpayees and the Mathurs is ridiculously a boundary wall between the houses, almost identical with the rift in the famous ‘Delhi 6’. The Mathurs, especially the younger one, Kulbhushan, are delighted when the elder brother, Brijbhushan, who works in the electricity department, arrives with his wife, and his two daughters, Leher, aka Guddan and the younger daughter, nicknamed Bittan. Abeer Bajpayee, from the Bajpayee clan, is the only son of his family, and hence, the apple of the eye.

He is a heartthrob even at the law college he is currently studying. He happens to see Leher, while she unloads a baggage from the truck, and is immediately attracted towards her. Initially Leher mistakes him for a stalker and tries to avoid him, much to Abeer’s chagrin. He continues his pursuit, and with great difficulty, manages to get to know her name from Bittan. Abeer knows the useless rift and tries his best to convince Leher’s family, by helping them in small things, much to the dislike of his own, thereby causing a rift in his own family.

It takes a lot of time for both Abeer and Leher, to convince their families, once they fall in love. While the Mathurs are a bit hesitant, the Bajpayees are dead against the alliance. However, after a lot of drama, Abeer and Leher manage to get married, and the story progresses. This serial stars the Kanpur heartthrob Gaurav Khanna Hailing from the town of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, >> Read More... as the heartthrob Abeer, and famous actress Yami Gautam Yami Gautam is a Hindi television and movie actres >> Read More... ( Vicky Donor Click to look into! >> Read More... and Junooniyat fame) as the beautiful Leher Mathur. Bhupinder Singh Bhupinder Sing is a famous, popular, talented and >> Read More... and Aishwarya Narkar Aishwarya Narkar is a prominent Marathi actress, p >> Read More... essay the role of Abeer’s parents, Triyogi Narayan, and Sudha, while Tushar Dalvi Tushar Dalvi is an experienced Indian actor who is >> Read More... and Prachi Shah Prachi Shah is an Indian serial and movie actress. >> Read More... essay the role of Leher’s parents.


Rachitha Mahalakshmi Tamil TV-Actress
DOB: 24 April 1990
Rachitha Mahalakshmi
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DOB: 27 September 1984
Dinesh Ravi
J Mahendran Tamil Director
DOB: 25 July 1939
J Mahendran
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