Sound Designers (0 - 12)


Sound Designer Brings In The Real Feel

Sound designers are also sometimes known as sound effects editors or special effects editors. They create sounds or noises for a movie that gives the scene a particular mood and feel. Depending on the budget and the type of film, sound director either start working before the shooting or once the shot is approved. For bigger budget films, the sound designers start working earlier and for small budgets films, they work post the shooting process. First the sound designers should identify the main type of sound needed for the scene, it could be a clock ticking sound, a gunshot, windows or doors locking sound etc. some scenes need a specialized sound effects like, landing of spacecrafts, aliens shouting and other atmosphere sounds.

After identifying the required sound effects, they use the original or already existing sounds and add or change their effects and produce a fresh sound. Though the work seems to be easy, it is very tiring and the sound designers should do lot of experiments to achieve the perfect sound effect. Sound designers supervise the sound editors and also assist them to get the desired sounds and music along with the dialogues in the film. Sound designers work closely with the picture or video editors/designers to receive the necessary information about the mood of the sounds. They are usually hired on a freelance basis.