Musician (0 - 12)


Music Is Like Our Heart And Musicians Are The Heartbeat

A musician is a person who is musically talented. These musicians create music in various genres. They also perform their work in various performances etc. Such musicians also play instruments etc. While some musicians specialize in one musical style, some musicians play in a variety of different styles. Music is an art that is diversified and has a huge range of genres. The way a musician working in the classical field will rehearse will be quite different from the one performing in rock bands. However, all musicians need to practice regularly, cover enough depth and width in their learning, prepare well for shows/auditions, etc.

It requires them to dedicate hours of practice and be extremely devoted to not only flourish but to also maintain and embellish their skill. Musicians can be classified further into two broad categories which are amateur musicians and professional musicians. Amateur musicians are those who consider music as their pastime hobby instead of an occupation. Whereas, professional musicians those who are paid, and they dedicate all their time to music. Certain attributes a musician should have is to be self- disciplined, patient, understanding, responsible, multi-tasking and most importantly he/she should be whole heartedly devoted to music.